Botminds V8.5

18 December 2020

New Features:

Look up:

We have introduced lookup APIs where a user can configure an external endpoint against an attribute, which enables customization of summary. For example, it does help in normalizing a value of 30 degree Celsius to 86 degree Fahrenheit.

Corrective Training for Extraction:

In addition to approving or rejecting a predicted paragraph from the summary, we've extended this corrective training to a keyword level as well.

Searchable PDF:

User can now perform a full-text search from within the document itself. It helps in quick navigation to the right page and paragraph in the document.

Expanded Summary View
Document List Changes:
  1. Columns in Document List Page

Besides the document name and the ingested date that we already show in the document listing page, a user can now configure additional columns like source type, current workflow stage, assigned user or even an attribute.

2. Quick Summary View on Document List

Instead of going into the document each time and having a glance at the summary, we can now view the summary from the document listing page itself.

3. Confidence Score in Output

Based on a customer driven requirement, the summary output file will now include the confidence score as well, which helps in quick comparison of the prediction accuracy.

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