Market & Competitive Intelligence Monitoring

Empower your teams with swift, relevant market insights.

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Your single source for all your market & competitive data

Improve your teams' win ratios

Improve your teams' win ratios

Empower executives, sales, marketing, product teams, and your clients by giving them relevant, up-to-date data at their fingertips, in a click.

Get only Intel, omit noise

Get only Intel, omit noise

AI-powered, automated extraction of relevant blocks of reams of web data of market & competitors based on relevant keywords

Focus on Business Value

Focus on Business Value

Let AI-powered automation take on the burden of repetitive manual effort in gathering, classifying, analyzing market data

Never miss an update

Never miss an update

Scan the digital footprint of your market – across any parameters, sources, formats, frequency; receive automated email alerts

Powerful Competitive Intelligence Platform.

Curated AI powered data gathering from the web, classification, aggregation and automated insights generation – to deliver actionable insights.


For real-time monitoring

Harness AI-powered extraction of relevant data from tens of 1000s of URLs, keywords, databases, emails, and other unstructured data sources; flexibility to add any number of relevant parameters to track - recent wins, launches, awards, press releases, prices, ESG indicators etc.


To see what’s relevant

Powerful vertical Search feature to surface results based on defined filters – to enable your teams with actionable data for qualified leads, sales battlecards, effective PR & marketing messages, insights for strategic decision-making.


To make Informed decisions

Customize dashboards to set up meaningful insights within a few clicks for multiple sources monitoring at lightning speed.


To maximize efficiency

Generate output in downloadable formats or automatically pass them on to your downstream systems for reports & insights generation through APIs. Get actionable output in your team’s hands with minimal manual intervention.

Why use our Market & Competitive Intelligence Monitoring?


Get started easily with no-code point and click activities


Stay on top of stories, brand mentions and releases


Real-time access to more and more data from any company press page.


Proactive prevention of errors due to manual classification of webpage content


Make informed decisions and benchmark your own performance


Times Improved TAT


Cost Saving


Crawling Accuracy


Pages Accessed Everyday

Frequently asked questions about Market and competitive intelligence monitoring

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Botminds has the capacity to monitor any kind of web pages, including products for sale, services offered, online ads, news releases, user-generated posts, and more. In addition, the AI platform can ingest unstructured data from emails, databases, social media posts and other sources.

AI/ML powered automation to scan URLs for relevant links one or two levels deep, extract data and auto-classify them (e.g. new launch, acquisition, media mentions etc.) is way beyond the realm of web crawlers.

Web crawlers cannot handle curation in terms of targeting only relevant URLs, relevant blocks of information within the pages, relevant keywords; they cannot handle huge variations in terms & layouts, missing data, duplicates, typos etc; they cannot aggregate, classify or summarize or derive output. The performance of web crawlers falter with increase in number & complexity of pages & with differing formats.

Botminds is truly an AI-powered, one-stop solution for everything related to web monitoring & actionable intelligence across your organization – be it media monitoring to enable PR teams; new deals won by competitors to inform sales teams; and so on. We are trusted by leading global companies to empower their own teams and their clients.

Yes. You can customize and narrow down or broaden your monitoring as per your business requirement and standards. The solution performs with high accuracy at scale – at any monitoring frequency, any number of parameters/ data points, any number of sources - across geographies, webpage formats, reporting standards, terminologies.

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