Agentic AI for
Hyper Transformation

Create Future-proof AI Solutions

15X Faster.


No-Code Platform To Rapidly Build Agentic AI Solutions

AI Connectors
Centralize KnowledgeCentralize Knowledge

Ingest millions of unstructured data using 100+ AI connectors

AI Engine
Gen AIGen AI

Read, analyze and generate any unstructured data

Advanced AIAgentic AI

Make AI autonomous for dynamic planning and Execution

Data Capture AgentsData Capture Agents

Capture insights from unstructured data like PDFs, text, audio, images with autonomous Agents

Agentic WorkflowsAgentic Workflows

Unlock the power of autonomous Workflows reengineer all your enterprise processes

AI SearchAI Search

Empower your searches with high precision and speed using our advanced AI Search Engine.

Conversational AIConversational AI

Elevate productivity with Conversational Agents, your AI-driven partner for smarter operations

AI AnalyticsAI Analytics

Navigate insights effortlessly with Analytics & Dashboard for actionable intelligence.

AI AssistantsAI Assistants

Acts as an intelligent assistant to perform complex tasks autonomously and provide context-aware support.

Data Capture Agents
Agentic Workflows
AI Search
Conversational AI
AI Analytics
AI Assistants
Data Capture Agents

Accelerating Gen AI Solutions with

Data Capture Agents

Capture critical insights from unstructured data like PDFs, text, audio, and images with advanced AI-powered data retrieval.

Is Your Enterprise Ready For Gen AI-powered Hyper Transformation?


Faster Development Time

Cutting Edge

Solutions including LLMs, RAGs & Agents

Vertically Integrated

Delightful UX

Future Proof

Modular, Plug & Play, Scalable


Recognized as Hot Vendor

"Botminds is doing IDP differently - adding capture from webpages, and applying vertical search."


Microsoft Azure-certified

Leverage the scalability, reliability, and agility of our Azure-certified solution to power up your processes


ISO 27001: 2013 Certified

Invested in people, processes and technology

One Enterprise Ready Gen-AI Platform For All Your AI Needs

Generative AI is transforming Operations at 85% of Enterprises at a Lightening Speed.Do you have a strategy to Operationalise AI Solutions?
State-Of-The-art LLMs
State-Of-The-art LLMs
No-Code LLM Finetuning
Advanced RAGs (Retrieval-Augmented Generation)
Proprietary Foundation Models and Agent AIs
Agentic AI Is Here
Agentic AI Is Here
Build Multi Agents In A Few clicks
Create Virtual Assistants Rapidly

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80% reduction in manual research & abstraction work, giving back SMEs 74 hours weekly. The platform of choice for the business excellence team.


Enabling the legal, compliance, sales team, and CXOs to get the most out of the contracts. Sometimes things they never thought of - 100%.


What Makes Botminds AI Unique ?

Our platforms differentiates itself with its relentless focus on our underlying principles – AI-First, No-Code, Vertically Integration, End-to-End Automation

AI First Approach

AI First Approach

Automate processes not possible with traditional rule-based RPA systems

No-Code Platform

No-Code Platform

Allow SMEs to lead the Automation initiatives. Point & click to automate

Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated

Eliminate the need for third-party systems, bot licenses, and multiple integrations

End-to-End Automation

End-to-End Automation

Achieve complete process automation using one holistic intelligent automation platform

Enterprise Ready Platform for your Business

Designed from Day 1 for enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, security, data privacy, reliability and service

SLA Backed Support

SLA Backed Support

Get timely and reliable assistance whenever they need it. 99.99% uptime guarantee on our SaaS platform

Partner Community

Partner Community

A strong and vibrant partner community that is committed to helping our customers succeed.

Workflows with RBAC

Workflows with RBAC

Robust Role Based Access Control (RBAC)-enabled workflows that help businesses securely manage access to their data and processes.

Encrypted Private Cloud

Encrypted Private Cloud

No Data leaves your environment. Military-grade encryption for data at rest as well in motion.

API/Webhook Integrations

API/Webhook Integrations

For seamless connection with upstream/ downstream systems.

SOC2 / ISO 270001

SOC2 / ISO 270001

Highest standards of information security and compliance with international regulation standards

What Our Clients have to Say About us

“Empowers Entire Organisation”

Botminds empowers the entire org by bringing to the fore the data buried so far in 30000+ contracts.

Jan Kaestner

Jan Kaestner

Senior VP & Legal Counsel, Monotype

“Great Tool For Business Excellence”

The ease of use for SMEs in automating varied scenarios is a great surprise for us and a great tool for business excellence.

Ananta Sarathi

Ananta Sarathi

VP - Business Excellence, Integreon

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