Botminds V7

27 March 2020

We released a new version of Botminds (#7) with some exciting new features early this week. This release note is delayed because as you may already aware our folks are in a mission mode to help the medical research community in the fight against COVID-19.
Now, let me walk you through the new features we have added.

Document Set

Most of the times it is not a single document you have to deal with. You have to process multiple versions, amendments, supplements to get complete information about the ‘entity’ of your interest. So far you have to merge all the documents before uploading as a ‘single-document’. This annoying, time consuming pre-processing not needed anymore. You upload all relevant documents and just mark it as a single document set. You will get one single consolidated summary and output.

A new set of APIs enabled

We have added API support to upload a document (both web link as well as pdf files), to get status, and to get output. Now you don’t have to access our platform through UX to get these basic activities done. This enables any integrations easier like integrating with RPA or your LOB systems.

Botmincls_Demo > API > Sources 
Data Source List 
Recrawl documents 
Crawl Job History 
O Show error jobs 
Job Title 
Source Information 
Active Status 
Links Queued 
Documents Queued 
Fetched / Failed 
Fetched Failed 
Start Time 
Scored / Failed 
24 Feb 2020 20:59

UX Improvements

Continuing with our effort to modernize the UX we released revamped settings page. A new ‘material look’ will surely attract you and its redone with usability as a focus.

And other than the above three, we have fixed quite a few bugs identified or reported and also as a usual good number of optimizations are shipped as part of this release

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