Botminds V6

18 October 2019

Botminds release version #V6 is made available in live. This release has few feature enhancements and critical bug fixes.

Feature Enhancements :

1# Configuring rules with multiple dependent parameters – With this enhancement in place, SME’s can configure business rules which takes multiple parameters as input.

Find below the recording of how to do the same.

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

2# Configuring colors for the labels (without any business rules)- Users can configure colors for various labels that are part of the taxonomy.

This way users can quickly view the labels that are highlighted in different colors in the document summary.

Botminds > RuleBasedModeI > Skills 
Summary Configuration 
Summary V 

3# UX enhancements – Few UX improvements on the summary configuration module, to ensure seamless experience for the users.

Bug Fixes :

1# Chat feature was not working within a project when browsed for the first time.

2# Page loading issue for a particular document -  This will work for any new incoming document and for the already ingested document that had a page loading issue, please reupload the document.

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