Botminds V5.5

10 July 2019
New Features:

1. Customizable Summary View

Botminds is all about customizability at every stage in the document process automation. While underlying components that power the automation pipeline are always customizable using AI, we now extended that to your summary result view of documents. With this release, you get complete control with the summary view. You can define the rules and conditions, the colors and custom labels to have your own project-specific way of viewing the summary.

A quick intro to this new feature is available here.

2. Document Classification

Most of our document process automation scenarios start with classifying the documents, now in this release creating a document classification model is made even simpler. Upload documents and assign the document type label to create a model. Try its super easy to classify documents and further extract different sets of information based on the document type.

3. Multiple Documents Upload

Continuing our journey to ease the onboarding experience and to reduce the time to see first results, we now support the multi-document upload feature. Add more than one documents to the project in one go. No more adding document one-by-one. Yes, we are listening, go for it.

In addition to these key new features, we have included quite a few bug fixes, stability improvements, and UX enhancements.

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