Botminds V2.5

22 December 2017

A new release made available today in Euclid. Release #V2.1

This release adds only two new features and focusses mainly towards more stability with lot of bug fixes & improvements.

New Features:

  1. We are now tracking number of corrective annotations done in a page as part of activity logging. This will help us to track improvement in accuracy.
  2. A pause button to stop activity logging while leaving the desk with ability to resume activity

Bug Fixes:

  1. Up Arrow / Down Arrow can be used now for cursor movement while editing the keyword, previously it lead to upvote/downvote or moving to next segment
  2. Annotations on Noise content allowed early when you do through keyboard – now fixed.
  3. When suggested label also assigned manually from available labels, auto play started again from first segment – now fixed
  4. Clearing selected text and keyword on completing label assignment.
  5. Change a segment from noise to content for corrective action, you can do annotations immediately without doing refresh as earlier.
  6. Newly created segments through break n merge made available for segment traversal immediately – earlier you have to refresh.
  7. Segments moved from noise as content made available for segment traversal immediately – earlier you have to refresh.
  8. Child label annotation shown with its full hierarchy in summary panel – earlier its directly shown as first level label, until you refresh.


  1. A consistent navigation bar across all pages
  2. Brought back the document level annotation ability that got missed in design revamp.
  3. Redundant Learners & Plans tab got removed from settings page
  4. Showing only ten documents on Search, that means you got load more option now.
  5. Differentiated the highlight between hovering on a segment and selected segment
  6. Ability to unpublish a published skill
  7. Load more option to show old examples added for a label with latest examples on top.
  8. You can see all models generated for a skill instead of latest 10 models earlier
  9. We are now showing details about child bots included in the model description. This is when you generate model for a bot by selecting child bots using hierarchy display.

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