Botminds V17

30 September 2022

We are thrilled to announce the release of the next major version of our platform. With this release, Botminds gains important stability and usability upgrades as well as tactical features.

1.  Capture:

1.1  Annotation:

1.1a Auto-Annotation:
Botminds offers a time-saving feature of automatically annotating pages from documents with more than 1000 pages in few minutes, with AI models being able to forecast the pages within an hour. As a real-world example, 200 documents that required 1000 hours to manually train were completed in 1 hour.

2. Search:

2.1 Document list page Enhancements:

2.1a List URL:

With the List URL functionality, users can now track the Parent URLs of those result pages that our Intelligent Crawlers automatically crawl with discovery models.

2.1b Hyperlink:

Structured output with hyperlink support is a very useful one for users. The SME-driven component of our webpage automation solutioning, tracks the crawled webpages with hyperlink as their output. We built this function into our user interface to ensure the best user experience and services are provided.

2.1c Secondary Documents:

Users can now view users working on document sets for a rapid workflow audit as well as statistics of the amount of document sets that are present inside a project.

2.1d Placeholder Support:

With this, the users can define the set of meta data as part of their bulk export, with no technical intervention. This includes simplified UI to customize the labels as part of the structured data output.

2.2 Cognitive Search:

2.2a Synonyms Search:

With Botminds V17's powerful cognitive synonyms search feature, users can enter a search word inside a document and instantly get synonyms for that search term. This produces significantly faster and more accurate results in a matter of seconds.

2.2b Q&A Search:

Do your SME's spend hours searching through a document for the answers to a list of queries from the business team?  Say goodbye to the monotonous reading pattern with the introduction of Q&A search within documents in this edition. SMEs can simply type a question and Botminds AI will locate the answers from long page documents, effortless execution in minutes.

2.3c Advanced Search:

We added the exact match result for the document's title, and our cognitive search now has the ability to use the (AND) and Negate operator to quickly search through millions of section from documents in order to zero in on the ones that need immediate attention.

2.2c Power Mode:

With the use of extra (OR) operators in power mode, users can conduct searches on a variety of terms to employ a robust strategy. Solution AI developers can instantly create AI models and datasets for a huge number of documents.

3. Automate:

3.1 Ingestion

3.1a PDF with Password Support:

This will accelerate integration since users will not have to rely on multiple sources for document encryption and uploading. This update gives the Botminds Platform the option to upload password-protected documents.

3.2b Ingestion Transparency:

While uploading a large number of documents into the system, admin users can review the stages of each document's upload process.

3.2 Data Feed:

3.2a Crawl Job:

Users are the driving force behind Botminds Platform, and with this release, we've included data feed for crawl jobs. With no technical intervention required, the solutioning developer can configure the system once to track fresh uploads. Whenever the automated data is prepared for output, the user receives an alert to the specified sources.

3.2b Document Level Event:

With this version, business users can trace each event that takes place in a document and filter events by user and stage. It is possible to seamlessly notify defined sources of document deletion and deletion of values from document-based alerts.

3.3 Export:

3.3a Bookmarked PDF:

With this release, we offer downloading the real PDF with Bookmarked data as an output after uploading a 1000+ page PDF document to the Botminds Platform and classifying pages with intelligent automation.

3.3b PDF Split:

We are excited to announce our PDF split support as we're aware of the growing demands for enterprise solutioning and have a deeper understanding of the problem statement. How is this pivotal? If you have multiple types of documents clubbed into one large document, use this tool to easily split them into individual documents, combine as a document set, and download them. Additionally, extract the crucial information for seamless integrations.

3.3c Bulk Export:

We always provide end-to-end automation in accordance with the requirements of the problem-solving process. In the same vein, we have automated bulk export of structured data to the desired storage with the added capability of saving historical data or newly uploaded documents' or webpages' data. As part of their export, users cans specify their preferred labels view.

3.3d Custom Template:

We constantly ensure a personalized package in accordance with the user's preferences. Our customized templates assist the user in defining the end output. Solution AI developers can use our No-code Custom Template to independently alter the output based on their solutioning needs.

4. Analytics:

4.1a Query widget enhancements:

With this Edition, Apply record-level filters and aggregations to the millions of extracted data records to perform drill-down analytics. Additionally, the output of the aggregate values has filter support.

Back-End Executions:

Microsoft Azure Deployment: Botminds AI platform now available in Microsoft Azure, Deploy our application with few clicks.
Latency Improvements: Client side and server side Optimizations executed for performance improvements on rendering large PDFs.

This release includes Bug Fixes.

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