Botminds V16

02 July 2022

1.  Automation:

1.1  Auto Derivation:

Post extraction process is one of the core capabilities of Botminds, with v16 this feature is inbuilt within the platform with no code automation, Eliminate manual tasks like calculations, conditional formatting, custom business logic, data comparison with external sites..SME's can create their own logics as libraries, reuse the existing libraries, create/modify libraries as per your needs.

we do support narrative templates predefine and see them as part of derivations. One time config that works for all your documents. This results in a faster, more efficient way to automate post processing without coding or manual effort.

Auto-Derivations Library

1.2  Customized Output Support:

Customize the way you want the structured output with point and click template upload and see the data as you defined.

2.  Document Data Extraction

2.1 New way of annotation - Table data corrective training:

Our Table AI which can predict all the data from a Table at each cell level, So What's next? Corrective training on Table data, we implemented cell level drag and drop feature that helps financial analysts to perform corrections if they encounter any errors.

Drag and Drop in Botminds Table Data

3.  Features Enhancements :

3.1  Document Set

3.1a - Dynamic document selection

This release with enhanced user experience of dynamically choosing the documents based on the values exists in a document and create as sets instantly

Search query support to group documents based on resulted documents

3.1b -  Search within document set

Search any value within the document set, numerous sections across long pdf's are made easier, why do Analysts spend hours in searching for a keyword in a 1000+ pages documents, leverage Botminds doc set cognitive search capability that show results from each section from group of documents, point and click annotate all the sections that has the keywords you are searching for, training data is simplified and datasets are generated within minutes.

3.1c -  Output with Document Parent link

No more worries of identifying the parent links of your doc set in your structured output, yes in this release users can also include the parent title as part of their summary output. Bulk downloads your document set summary outputs at ONE-CLICK

4.1  Automation:

(4.1a) Search Engine Crawler - Bulk Keyword Upload

SME's need not struggle searching each keyword and identifying the relevant links, Botminds Search engine crawler is equipped to perform 1000's of keywords as one time ingestion, that automatically finds the new results based on the user defined frequency

(4.1b) Search Engine Crawler - Top result extractor

Automate your searches to crawl only the top result links from the sources for the given keyword

Search Engine Crawler - Enhancements

(4.1c)  Summary Output - additional support:

Users can now use inbuilt Botminds drive as there auto upload for the summary output, separate storage is not required any more. Structured data stored within your projects for quick access and integrations.

5.1 Analytics :

(5.1a) Static Widget

If any structured(tabular) data needs to be shown in dashboard widget, you can save those tabular data in excel file and render as graphs in dashboard widget.

With this powerful feature, customer can see their external data in Botminds Dashboard, need not switch to multiple applications

(5.1b) Query Widget with Group by option:

Dashboards with group by option, that will allow user to 360 degree view of analytics with stage, users and listing urls

(5.1c) Ingestion Widget:

Dashboard for ingestion level analytics., Onetime dashboard creations to monitor the real time data on new documents/web pages uploads to your projects by date and source grouping, Also improved capability to track subscription level data across projects

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