Botminds V10

17 April 2021

What's new in V10? We are pleased to present Botminds V10, Quick Walkthrough on what you can expect in our new release

UI refresh in Taxonomy page:

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to reimagine what our UI could be and today we’re excited to show off a new coat of paint.

Our goal was to create a cleaner, more approachable and smooth navigation, with self-explanatory terms, opening up more space to focus on what’s important.

Here’s a quick look into our process and what to expect within the new UI.

  1. Simplicity: The new look-and-feel is approachable and lively. We want all users—no matter their familiarity but to have the smoothest entry point while they create attributes for the project
  2. Discoverability: Our goal was to improve work processes and increase productivity in everything our customers do, which relies on them being able to find the features they need, when they need them.
  3. Modernization: We wanted to put an updated look to our taxonomy page to coincide other sections
Ingestion support for Image file (Tiff, Jpg, Png):

Based on our customer's ask and defined in our roadmap, here comes our additional support for uploading image files on above mentioned formats, single and multiple images can be uploaded with one click without technical glitches

Image/Layout annotation:

With this feature any data from the images can be extracted and trained by SME's

Built-in Capability for identifying the layout in documents and train AI to understand the context of data exists in Complex layouts from forms and invoices

Identifying the layouts can help in adding more context, thereby making it easy to extract the value for the attributes from the text.

Table understanding - Cell identification:

We introduced a cell based data extraction feature where the customer can extract relevant data as per the requirement. Our bots are trained to extract data from complex merged cell tables from Annual reports

Grouping Enhancements in Summary Section:
  • Grouping of attribute values can now be customized as per user needs.
    Using the Duplicate label configuration, a single value in the document can be made available for all the records.
  • Using the Unique label configuration, user can ensure that the same value is not occurring under multiple records.
  • The user also has the choice to toggle between grouped view and list view.
Lookup/Normalization Enhancements:

Customization of summary is possible with our lookup label feature, without technical savvy user can configure any external APIs against a datapoint and get the values normalized depending on the logic configured. Now, new lambda functions too can be configured in the lookup.

Performance Optimization:

Improved Performance, document loading made faster than ever. User can see summary loaded with no delay. This includes corresponding API optimization as well.

Bug fixes:

With all the above features, we fixed quite a few reported bugs.

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