Botminds V8

18 September 2020
Document Page:
  • PDF viewer – faster loading, clear pixels, Pixels doesn't broke when zoom in and zoom out, Zoom to window

No more waiting! We've introduced the PDF Viewer which makes the document loading much faster. You can now navigate across the pages in a seamless way. Pixilation issues on zoom in/out are addressed too.

Document List:
  • Filter Option - Doc title, source, ingested date

You don't have to load all the documents to arrive at the desired ones. The documents can now be filtered by its name, source type, and/or by the date of ingestion.

Document Set:
  • Rearrange User Specific Docs
  • Predictions Summary Output – Doc Title

The documents within a document set can now be ordered as per the need. In addition to that, the consolidated summary output file now has the document name added in it.

  • Bulk upload via Excel
  • Tool Tip for both
  • Top 5 Extraction

We now support bulk attributes creation via an excel file as well thereby reducing the hassles on creating your attributes one by one.
Using the top extraction configuration at taxonomy/label level, the summary output can be filtered to display the top n values ordered by its confidence score descending.

  • ES – within document, across document, project search

You can now search literally for anything using our unified search feature. Be it the projects, documents within a project or a full text search within/across document(s), we got it covered.

  • Auto completion of search tags, Timestamp

To the accelerator page, we have added the auto-complete feature for all the power commands, so you don't have to remember these commands now. Search by the last changed time is included now too.

Workflow Stage:
  • User Specific Stages
  • Workflow Assigning

Permissions can now be configured for workflow stages, making the project management easy to handle

  • Click and Create Model
  • Rescore with Latest Model
  • Model training with specific stage

Simple one click configuration has been added for creating a model. Now we can choose documents from specific stage(s) to be included for the training. In addition to that, we can rescore the training data with updated meta models too

Output Download:
  • Support (PDF, JSON, TSV, CSV) with deep-linking
  • PDF Download – Look and Feel (Font Size, Justify, Font color), Doc Title

More download options available now for the user to choose from, based on the requirement. The downloaded PDF now has an improved look and feel.

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