Webinar - Reimagining Knowledge Service Industry, in the AI era

22 January 2021

Reimagining Knowledge Service Industry, in the AI era

The progression of KPO to today's automation was inevitable as the entire industry is driven by two crucial metrics, bottom-line efficiency and faster turnaround time. In the modern Knowledge service industry machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation are advancing at a fast and rapid pace. AI has seen a progressive growth that will continue to surprise us with its unlimited competence.

The rapid adoption of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) by KPO’s using AI tools, can offer their customers competitive advantages that support their strategic goals. Intelligent process automation (IPA), powered by AI and machine learning technologies, promises to revolutionize KPO industry in the way it operates, maximizes efficiency by cutting costs and ensuring optimal service levels.

During this webinar, you will discover the world’s first unified platform for Intelligent Document Processing and process automation and gain insights on how you too, as a Business leader could automate your knowledge-intensive processes.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

• Automation challenges faced by the Knowledge Services Industry

• Intelligent Document Processing – understand the opportunities

• Extract business insights from complex documents

Agenda: Reimagining Knowledge Service Industry, in the AI era

• Current challenges ahead of Knowledge Process Organizations

• Unstructured documents and workflows, the key to successful automation

• Navigate the challenges of handling complex and unstructured documents

• Leverage the latest breakthroughs in IDP and IPA in your process automation journey

• Ensure seamless automation with Document Understanding and hand-off to RPA

• Real-time use cases how IDP & IPA can be applied for Knowledge Services Industry

Panel Discussion - Accelerating value in your business with Intelligent document processing through AI

• Challenges Knowledge Service Organizations face

• Driving agility with AI in handling Knowledge Service Processes for Document Understanding

• Intelligent document processing & its business benefits

Keynote Speaker - Nanda Chintaluri - Vice - President - Research & Analytics, RRD - Global Outsourcing Solutions, APAC

Webinar - Vikas Anand - Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Botminds.ai


  • Vrinda Pai - Director - Information Systems, [24]7.ai
  • Rituparn Bakshi - Head Quality - Enterprise, Tech Mahindra Business Process Services
  • Rajesh Sethi - BPO Head Business Process Transformation, TCS
  • Kaushal Agarwal - Vice President, Head of Emerging Digital Transformation, EXL Services
  • Gokul Ganapathi - Co-Founder & CEO, Botminds.ai

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