Botminds V18

26 December 2022

Greetings, we are excited to bring you this latest massive update to our product. Massive not just because of the number of new features and improvements, but it’s a significant leap in our journey of defining IDP 2.0. With this V18 release, Botminds expands its surface area of value creation beyond IDP. You will be amazed to see the seamless imbibing of bots & predictive analytics. This is a special release that has something special for every user. Here is a summary of what you can expect to see in this update:

Introduction of ‘Bots’ – inbuilt RPA activities

True to our core principle of vertical integration, creating & managing RPA bots are now native to our platform. You can now easily create RPA Bots in Botminds AI Platform within minutes to automate monotonous work.

Here is how you can build & manage your Bots,

Go to Studio-Automation-Bots, create an RPA process, and upload the bot you created using python. You can schedule your bot or connect it to run based on any other trigger in the Botminds platform.

Structured Data Analytics & reference data  

While Botminds AI is all about bringing structure to unstructured data, we have seen scenarios again & again where structured data from outside is a much-needed input for better context or enrichment for data in documents.

In a few clicks, establish connections to your preferred structured data stores and use them within the context of documents. Create much-enriched analytics or create powerful Tabular AI models to work in conjunction with Document AI models.

New Annotation Experience in Botminds IDP

We can't overstate our excitement about this feature, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. We think you'll find it incredibly useful and mind-blowing.

Super fluid annotation experience. Our beta users are going gaga about it for minutes. Paint mode is one true artwork from our team as a new year's gift.

Configurable Action Pane  

We know how much some features matter for a stress-free work experience. You can now enable One-time Configuration (OTC) for the actions performed at a document level, enabling complete transparency to users at the document level. You can now configure user-preferred actions at the project level in one click. We are quite sure you’d like one less click. YES/NO?

Automated Time Tracking

Session Time 
of 4 
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Social Security number 
Expected retirement age 
Q Search within a document... 
Date of birth 
Originat date of employment 
Active Time 
Page I 
Marital status 
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if you would 
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retirement savings, 
Date of termination 
Date of rehire 
es! me roil over retirement savings from a previous omployor•s retrement p!an. 
Cat: Principal at 800-5.17-7?5-1, Monday . ['riday, ya.nm - 9 CT, 
call or 
balance i; $ 
email me to discuss my options. My estimated rollover

Let’s start measuring gold; yes, that’s correct! You can now measure time with this new feature addition, Configure the time meter feature to track the time taken for each structured data export. Create customized reports that can be shared and have advanced filters for detailed information such as sessions, users, and document stages.

80 Dashboard 
Session Logs 
Document Stages 
Document Title 
User Email 
Annotations Count 
Active Time 
26 s 
Session Time 
51 s 
A Studio 
Log Time 

Create customized reports that can be shared and have advanced filters for detailed information such as sessions, users, and document stages.

UX Revamp  

Explicit UI changes for one of customers using Botminds IDP for end-end automation with 60+ SMEs

  • Simplified Page views: You can complete the Page classification training in seconds, we have given page classification a talking-to, so now you can simplify page views just like the PDF and Train AI as you browse the page.
  • Mutually Exclusive Support: Auto-apply the new values as assigned, with no separate clicks for rejecting and then assigning
  • Auto-Search: Botminds Search Query pane now has support to auto-complete the words based on user-entered values.
  • Favourites: Pin your chosen or frequently used projects at the top.

General Enhancements:

We’ve polished some rough edges, to make it better now than it was before.

  • Ingestion Stability:  We have multiple connectors support to upload the documents into the portal, with this release we have stabilized all connectors. Now, 1000+ pages of document ingestion in a few minutes.
  • Document performance Improvement: Be it a single page or thousands of pages, we aimed to significantly reduce the document loading time, and achieved 10X improvement, now structured summary for even 1000+ pages getting loaded in seconds
  • Webhook Improvements: Webhooks are now Authentication enabled and Structured Summary with placeholders support is provided for even better customizable downstream integration
  • Excel Import: Often, SMEs have multiple sheets of data from excel, understanding the data and being able to process the information shouldn’t be a hassle. With this new release, it is possible to import and process multiple sheets of data from Excel through our connector uploads.
  • Auto-Doc set creation: We improved the notification logic behind auto-docset creation.
  • Visual Segment: a new advanced layout model to identify the segments visually from complex layout formats.

We hope these updates will enhance your experience with our product. We want to hear what you think, so please bombard us with feedback. Thank you for your continued support.

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