RRD Go Creative and Botminds Partnership Benefits to Customers

08 December 2022

Kaushik Kr Sarawgi, Managing Director, RRD GO Creative, talks about the benefits and use cases of the company's solutions. One of the key benefits of RRD's solutions, according to Sarawgi, is their ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of systems and technologies. This allows organizations to easily incorporate RRD's solutions into their existing infrastructure, without the need for extensive reconfiguration or downtime. Kaushik Kr Sarawgi believes that Botminds solutions offer a wide range of benefits and have many potential use cases across a variety of industries – specifically, in BFSI and professional services (Legal, Consulting etc.) sectors where RRD GO has a stronghold. He is excited about the possibilities that RRD's solutions supplemented by Botminds AI platform offers; and believes that they can help organizations of all sizes and types improve their operations and achieve their goals


Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.


Fantastic to hear Gokul and Ansari talk about the journey. When they were talking about text extraction, document AI, document analytics, obviously, there was a twinkle in our eyes because that is what we do every day for living.

Many of our customers, in our experience, come to us with a common theme - they want to make their operations 1) digital 2) intelligent. And as a result - it makes them more efficient and more resilient. When we think about how we take our partners, our customers towards that transformation journey, in our experience, the biggest roadblock has always been a lack of digitization at the source, the upstream processes, where the information comes in - whether it's an insurance company, a banking company, or a professional services firm.

The biggest roadblock is how do you convert the tons of emails, documents and forms –and make them intelligent in terms of machine readable? And that's where we come in as an organization. What the innovation platform also does for us is it works with partners like Botminds and brings the partnership forward to help with rapid deployment and rapid prototyping.

We are really excited with this strategic partnership with Botminds, and while its strategic today, as I said, we've been working with Botminds since five years, right from first POC and then have been continuously interacting in terms of the industry use cases. So, what we are excited most about this platform is one, it helps in rapid deployment. It is a matter of weeks before you can actually start testing your hypothesis. It is human in the loop (HITL), it's not a black box solution. We are able to manage, navigate and try and get to the ideal outcome in terms of the performance.

And the third piece, of course, is its ability to read handwritten notes. Lastly, what we are now dabbling with is the analytics, and the intelligence it provides for our customers to manage operations. We have established a dedicated team today who are in the process of not just getting the certification in mastering the tool and also evaluating use cases from across the industry spectrum.


One point because you talked about a dedicated team - now we have 20+ members in RRD team, trained in our environment platform. Now, we identify opportunities and ask, is it Botminds team doing it or RRD team? And I think in the last few scenarios, RRD team themselves delivered that acute level of accuracy. That's the level of maturity we achieved in the partnership. All thrilled and all excited to see the partnership. Thanks again, Team RRD


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