Promantus offers one-stop solution using Botminds AI for Recruitment Process Automation by automation of Resume Parsing – A Community developer initiative​

08 December 2022

Resume parsers are a valuable tool for organizations in today's age, helping them manage and review job applications more efficiently and effectively. Watch Madhumitha Baskar, Automation Lead, Promantus, walkthrough how automating a key time-consuming area in the Recruitment Process – parsing of resumes – can drive high-quality candidate selection in a fraction of the time taken in manually scanning resumes.  By automating the process of extracting and organizing information from resumes, resume parsers can support organizations in their efforts to find and hire the best candidates for their open positions using Botminds AI Solution.


Note: The transcript has been edited for clarity.

We all know that the recruitment process is a hard one when it comes to the screening of resumes. We solved this problem statement with Botminds. In addition, Botminds also offers a built-in dashboard (module), with which we could make attractive dashboards with pie charts, tabulation, line charts (and other graphical output) - with which analysis can be done.

Resumes which we get from the different vendors may be different unstructured formats - which includes JPEG image, or docx, or PDF and so on. This could not be handled (with our previous system). But Botminds could handle this without any hiccups - because (the platform) supports all the mentioned file formats. You can see here, that we are presenting a sample of predicted documents which is predicted out of the platform - the format is different in different documents.

For Botminds, the format does not matter. It can get predictions and handle any type of unstructured document – so, we get structured output (from those). Summarizing, Botminds AI is a one-stop solution where we get structured format and dashboard analysis - in addition to saving time and enabling productive work. Botminds plays a vital role in recruitment process automation.

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