Introducing Mental Wellness Program in Botminds

05 April 2020
Mental Wellness Program

Pandemic has made companies push the panic button on Productivity.

As a result, productivity tracking software business is on the rise.

By 2020, 80% of companies will be monitoring employees – Gartner

Companies put the measurement of productivity above other aspects, such as creativity and innovation, partly because, it is easy to measure and secondly, that’s the billing currency to their customer.

Celebrating productivity, solely, in the workplace, turns humans into mechanical robots. Like a tool worn out over time, employees getting frustrated with the work is inevitable.

More so, in the time of the pandemic, where almost everyone is working remotely, employees are prone to mental health problems.

On average, 35% of working adults have reported the symptoms of anxiety or depressive order during the period of May-July of 2020 (report from These issues directly welcome absenteeism, job abandonment, and certainly decreased productivity.


RPA talks about, taking the robot out of a human. Letting humans do what they do best, which is creative, collaborative work.

At Botminds, we prioritize creativity and craftsmanship more than productivity. Right from the start, we made sure that everybody in our organization has a platform to think and innovate.

Many of the advancements in our product and services have only come from pushing the limits of our imaginations. The ironic fact is that trivializing productivity has resulted in multi-fold productivity gains.

“A stressed mind cannot innovate”

Realizing the severity of the current ongoing crisis, challenges that come with remote work, trying to bring work-life balance, not having your friends & colleagues to talk to, during a water-cooler moment; we decided to start an employee mental wellness program that runs throughout the year.

In collaboration with YourDost, the program offers an anonymous consultation to our employees. Anybody who feels that they need mental support is encouraged to set up a private meeting with an expert of their choice.

Many of our team members have already found this program incredibly boosting to their emotional well-being. Among several initiatives, we believe this is going to leave a permanent positive influence on our company’s culture.

We at Botminds care about our employees, their well being, their relationship with their families and co-workers.

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