Case Study - Data mining from hundreds of airline websites to compare rate parity

20 February 2020



The client is one of the leaders in the business intelligence segment. They offer competitive monitoring, analytics and knowledge services to large enterprises across industries such as financial services, travel, hospitality and retail.


Delivering robust competitive monitoring to one of their travel-tech customers was challenging. They needed to monitor 100s of airline websites with no uniformity in structure and navigation to continuously evaluate airline ticket fares.

Airline websites are dynamic in nature. They make frequent changes to their web page layout. There are variations in critical data points such as fares, availability of flights, duration etc.


  • Relying on site-specific scripts for monitoring needs, did not serve the purpose.
  • One configuration rarely fits two websites and easily breaks across different webpages.
  • Creating and maintaining site-specific scripts composed of countless rule engines was very chaotic.
  • Target websites were blocking crawlers incessantly as soon as crawling began.
  • Onboarding clients with a handful of new target websites took anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

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