Botminds and Microsoft Collaboration - Value for Customers

08 December 2022

Enable productivity for AI teams across the organization using Botminds AI Platform

More and more, we see acceleration of time to value by using pre-built and customizable AI models as building blocks for intelligent solutions. Watch Sanjeev Sharma, ISV Partnerships - Microsoft, talk about how Botminds AI made significant breakthroughs by enriching Microsoft's own AI models and solutions.


Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.


I would take a moment to talk about our approach to partnerships. Like our leader Satya always says it's the partners who make more possible as a company. While our mission statement is to do more for every person and every organization on this planet. But that cannot be achieved without partners. So, it is our partners who are the engine, who help us do more. That's the overarching philosophy that we have for this relationship. There is a large opportunity for this ecosystem of our partnership to expand in multiple geographies through a lot of technological intervention, which not just means only the technology side, but also the industry flavor that comes into it. There are so many use cases that are coming together.

We have achieved some good success on many of them. The opportunity for both these partnerships is phenomenal and we see from whatever early success that has come in in the past sometime that we have worked together is amazing.

Botminds is a strategic partnership. There is always an opportunity to partner ahead and beyond of what we usually do. And I think that's something we see very effectively coming into place here. We have just started, the world is for us to conquer, and there is so much we can do together. There is innovation that has come from Botminds into this partnership. There is a lot of enrichment happening to our own models as well.

Because as you are all aware, this is a space where the solution gets better with more data. And I think a lot of data is coming from Botminds and there is a lot of reverse engineering happening. It's not that Microsoft is providing a solution, it is also that Botminds is also providing a lot of knowledge and expertise back to Microsoft to make our platform better. There is so much that we will do more and it's a message for all our partners together – to leverage the full ecosystem. I think everybody will benefit when we go together because we are all connected in two ways.

One is at the customer; we are almost at the similar customers. And second, we are also leveraging the same technology from what makes I think these two beautiful things can come together and there is a business for all of them. We aim for partner to partner connect when we talk about our enterprise business.


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