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13 May 2020

Write up on Critical Perspective into the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Documentation

The current conversation around automation and artificial intelligence technologies creates a future vision where humans may not possibly compete against intelligent machines, and that everything that can be automated.

Clinical documentation constitutes a large portion of doctors’ administrative tasks; doctors may need to spend up to 55% of their workday to generate notes and to review patient’s records. Studies suggest workload caused by clinical documentation is an important barrier to effective patient care.

Botminds works on two basic principles of increasing automation in the processes wherever possible and keeping human intermediation minimal

Much of the work is done in the trials by trained Ph.D.’s completing repetitive, low-level tasks Here’s a relatively easy step to reduce the cost, time and headache of clinical trials. All of the these could be automated with our IDP bots to free up the time of highly-educated, well-paid researchers so they can focus on more important activities related to the trials. Just as important, these additional activities and the use of RPA could accelerate the entire clinical trial process significantly. The cost of driving new drugs onto the market will undoubtedly power this revolution.

How IPA could help existing systems extract clinical documents and patient data and route it to the human employees that need to use it

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