Botminds AI Launches Intelligent Document Explorer - Botminds IDE

19 October 2021

Unlock insights from unstructured documents on day one with Botminds IDE.

Today, Botminds, a pioneer in Intelligent Document Process Automation for enterprises, unveiled Botminds IDE (Intelligent Document Explorer)  making it super easy for organizations to get business critical insights out of complex unstructured documents.   Botminds IDE,  powered by state-of-the art Botminds IDP components enables cognitive search, semantic query, and meta-data search on the document's content. This new offering makes organizing the scattered documents in an enterprise literally one-click magic.

At Botminds, we make it super easy for enterprises to automate document-centric processes, now AI powered document exploration with Botminds IDE is becoming uber-quick first step for it.

In addition to "the cognitive search," Botminds IDE goes an extra mile allowing the customer to query the unstructured documents just like a structured data with customizable search parameters – parameters from your domain, relevant to your organization

The beauty of Botminds IDE lies in delivering value to the customers irrespective of the industry/sector facilitating the users to get started immediately.  Also, based on the initial customers, Botminds IDE is turning out be a great accelerator for organizations who wants to create custom Botminds IDP models and IPA components.

Using IDE, you can:

  • Bring all of the organizations unstructured documents into one place
  • Do cognitive search on the document content powered by NLP models
  • Use Botminds powerful deep link to go to exact location in the document from search results
  • Query unstructured document just like structured data using customizable search parameters.
  • Create any number of views & filters and share it with your team for better collaboration and work organization
  • Configure business workflows leveraging all powerful alerts and notifications
  • Enable all stakeholders by creating dashboard surfacing critical insights from unstructured documents
Botminds IDE neatly packages all our ready to use day 1 value features, now get the magic of Document Understanding AI on your enterprise documents immediately, no reason to delay. Get started now - Gokul Ganapathi, Co-Founder & CEO of Botminds

Botminds IDE knows what to look for in the documents while ensuring that the exploration is seamless, giving full context to the user.

Stay tuned to get more out of Botminds IDE shortly!

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Botminds Inc, a Chennai, India, and Seattle, USA-based enterprise document process automation company. Botminds AI platform is the world's first unified unstructured document processing platform with integrated Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Automation (IPA) components. Botminds changes the way information-intensive, large, and content-heavy, document-centric process automation is executed in enterprises. Botminds is a 30+ member team chasing the research happening in the intersection of deep learning & NLP and enabling some of the leading organizations in India and the USA.

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