IA Done Right - Empowering the whole organization

Success story of Botminds AI platform in enabling Monotype to unlock business critical insights out of contracts

IA Done Right – Empowering the whole organization

As a success story of great Intelligent Automation implementation, hear how Jan Kaestner and his team at Monotype empowered the whole organization by bringing automation into the way legal contracts are consumed by Business.

Many thousands of agreements accumulated over a period of three decades mostly due to M&A means multiple jurisdictions, non-standard clauses, and variations in the way domain-specific information (about fonts) is treated, this needs custom AI models powering automation.

An integrated solution powered by custom AI models developed in a few weeks using Botminds AI with inbuilt capabilities around analytics, query layers, and dashboard.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Showcase Organizations


Ability to determine a company’s license entitlement much more easily


Ability to onboard future contracts (offline or through acquisitions) with a technological solution


Ability to connect the results with an existing CRM solution


Ability to answer complex questions by the business (e.g. how many contracts were concluded between 2010 and 2020 with modified export control clauses) quickly and with little effort


Flexible UI which allows different users to adapt their interface to their particular needs (e.g. a researcher in IP Enforcement will look for different aspects than a contract counsel)

About The Speaker

Jan Kaestner

Jan Kaestner


SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.

Gokul Ganapathi

Gokul Ganapathi

Botminds Inc


12 years of experience, mainly into enterprise applications & product development.

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