Botminds V1

15 March 2017

We've officially released Version 1 of our product. You can check out on these core features below.

Document AI:

  • Document understanding is built to enable state-of-the-art language learning which allows it to understand complex information easily.
  • Classify documents, pages, paragraphs or any text elements, tables, layouts, check boxes etc. to route the right content to the right place in your process.
  • Easily extract data from any custom documents and organize information with powerful AI models.
  • Leverage inbuilt core AI for layout, visual, semantic understanding and compose them to automate document process in minutes.

Intelligent Web Crawler:

  • Gather and monitor millions of web pages and documents from internet and pass it to IDP to extract key insights
  • Navigate to any web page intelligently like human browsing with in-built AI based browser
  • Get any listing page like product list, tender list, etc and organize information for your business needs.

AI Supervision:

  • Simple and visual annotation for PDF and web pages to extract data from texts, forms and any custom layouts.
  • Fast and visual validation to augment AI. Get 100% accurate outputs with normalized organized and enriched outputs.
  • Build AI models with few examples with in-built augmented dataset generator for any custom intelligence

Auto ML:

  • Generate high accurate models in a click. Classification, extraction, segmentation or any custom models are covered.
  • Build 100's of models in parallel and get the best model with in-built Auto ML engine. No data scientists required and no hyper-parameter configuration required.
  • Be on top of all model accuracy and developments with intuitive UX . Get the confidence that AI works by transparency to all the stages of model generation.
  • Train on top of what you have already learned. Iterative and continuous learning builds intelligence as a layer by layer so that you get what you want by just building the top most layer.

Other Value-Adds and Bug fixes:

  • Noise removal – Paragraphs tagged as Noise aren't considered for the abstraction process
  • Document Pane Page navigation – Ability to move to a particular page and display the corresponding page count
  • Export Keywords Extracted – Extract keywords in the document and view the abstracted values in the exported excel
  • Fix: Repeated display of “Loading pages please wait“
  • Fix: While scrolling through the documents, the project list should be fixed
  • Fix: Slowness issue while loading the documents

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