Botminds V9

27 January 2021

We pushed quite a few new features and Bug Fixes in this release, scroll down to know more

Ingestion Pre-processor:

Document's with complexity as per the required process are easily configurable with simple click and choose by enabling and disabling

With this release right from OCR processing (beta version), to rotating pages in a PDF document, to converting an editable form-based PDF to a non-editable version, we have it all covered as simple configurable options while uploading a PDF document.

Table understanding – Cell annotation (training loop)

As a first step towards our Table understanding feature, we're now ready with the training loop for understanding the cell boundary and type of cells within a given table. This will provide a broader context to the data extracted thereby helping us to understand tables ranging from simpler to complex ones.

Project specific Roles/Users

In addition to the subscription level roles that is already available, we now introduce roles and restrictions at a project level too. This gives even better control in managing your team with utmost simplicity.

Document workflow enhancements
  • Restrictions added based on roles
Additional configuration at a workflow level

Workflow has made the project management a lot easier. With this new enhancements released for the Workflow feature, we can now add restrictions at a workflow stage level for role based access and transition to other workflow stages.

New UI for the Document page

Summary tab:

  • Better UI to show the multiple taxonomies under the summary
  • New tree structure employed for the summary
  • Filters combined and moved to the search bar
  • Removed all the cluttering with respect to the info shown in the tree and moved them as configuration (page number, confidence score)
Training tab
  • Clean UI to show the section content
  • Uniform search pane and tree structure followed in summary and training tabs
New UI for the Document listing page
  • Table view to show the document list
  • Option to add additional displayed columns to the document list
  • New UI for the Search/Filter pane with support for searching with label name and value
  • Option to export the document list to a tsv format

Now, the user has more power to export the entire list of documents after choosing what columns to be displayed in the exported file.

  • Bug fixes

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