Botminds V5

18 April 2019

A new version pushed to live - Botminds version V5. We have included a good number of bug fixes, stability improvements, and three interesting new features. New features, as always, driven by our customers and as a theme, we go for better usability and quick onboarding. Let me introduce the new features to you

#1 Easy search within documents

One of the core differentiation of Botminds is ability to handle documents with 1000s of pages. Its long-pending demand by our users to improve search for content within a document. Previous ‘search using the command’ was too much for simple search requirements. That’s addressed in this release and you will like the seamless result to document navigation and how easy its to annotate. Search->Navigate->Annotate all effortlessly.

#2 Search for Documents and Projects

Both our core list pages – Project List & Document List - now supports search. In addition to a simple title search, you can find the document using the date uploaded as well as the source type. We are planning to add more pre-defined search paths like label, users, etc… Watch this space for more soon.

#3 Rule-Based Classification Models (Beta)

Another long-pending demand from our users - a way to create rule-based models. While Botminds AI can create AI models with 100 examples, we frequently encounter business scenarios where you don’t have that many documents/examples but you are clear with rules that define the classes. We no longer force you to find 100 examples to get started.

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Description automatically generated

You start with Rule-based models, we learn to create AI-models and you can swap from rule-based to AI-models anytime you are comfortable. This is currently in beta. Initially, we support qualitative rules that use text and soon we are extending it to quantitative rules that use values extracted.

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