Botminds V4.5

10 January 2019

Happy to announce Botminds release version 4.1 is moved to Live with the below features.

  1. Rules Classification Model – With this now subject matter experts can define rules to classify segments. This will be useful when you don’t have enough examples to create ML-Models.  To configure business rules for a skill, user has to create a Rules Classification skill as in the below screenshot.

User can create as many business rules for a risk clause for each of labels in the skill as shown below. Rules can be created with a combination of AND/OR for each of the risk clause and a rules model has to be generated as shown below.

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

Likewise User can create as many rules model as he needs.  

Once the rules models are generated, we need to add the rules model to the orchestration. So any new document coming into Botminds after orchestration, will be auto classified based on the rules that are configured for the clauses.

2. Document search– User can search documents in the document list page using the document title/source and the date of ingestion. Find below the screenshot for the same.


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