Botminds V3.5

18 July 2018

We just released our next major release today – V3.1. Yep, its Seven, in our relentless pursuit of making it easy for the enterprises to get document process automation we achieved 7th milestone.

This is very proud moment for all of us in Botminds. With great maturity in our core offering – converting text documents into structured information – we have taken a great leap forward with many new ‘enterprise ready’ features. I'm listing few important new features here and please join with me for the upcoming webinar where I talk in detail about the nuances of the loads of improvements we released today.

#1 Brand new Intuitive UX for the portal
We have released first level revamp of main screens with a single goal of making it simple and intuitive for the knowledge workers. Lot of decluttering done and its still work in progress. You should see marked improvement in load times and productivity with lighter UX, reduced clicks and organized flows.


#2 Additional deployment options

We have now added support for private cloud deployment and on-prem deployment. This is in addition to the existing hosted multi-tenant and single tenant cloud option. With resource templates in place for entire deployment activity, getting Botminds within your network is super easy now.

#3 Intelligent OCR integration

An Intelligent OCR is now part of Botminds platform with tighter plumbing with our AI engine. OCR + Botminds is the simplest way to continuously improve the‘models’ that power the OCR engine. You are getting an OCR that learns to fix words based on your domain, natively along with Botminds subscription now.

#4 Support for Records Extraction

Our AI engine got more savvy now. It not only extract values from large unstructured document, it automatically brings together related values into one group. This is great testament to our document understanding approach where we leverage complete context we learn from the entire document.


Join us in the webinar to see them in action!

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