Botminds V22 Release

15 April 2024

Introducing Botminds V22: Elevating Enterprise AI to New Heights

We are excited to announce the release of Botminds V22, the latest advancement in our pursuit of transforming enterprise operations through AI-driven automation. With each iteration, we strive to enhance the capabilities of our platform, ensuring that our solutions not only meet the evolving needs of our clients but also redefine the benchmarks of innovation in intelligent automation.

Botminds V22 continues this tradition by introducing groundbreaking features designed to streamline processes, deliver deeper insights faster than ever before. This release includes improvements that bolster both usability and functionality, enabling enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journeys efficiently. Dive into the details of what Botminds V22 has to offer and discover how these latest enhancements can revolutionize your operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Streamlined Action Navigator

Module: Workbench

The Streamlined Action Navigator in Botminds V22 revolutionizes the user experience by introducing a simplified and intuitive interaction design. This update aims to address the inefficiencies in conventional document navigation systems, which frequently hinder user productivity with complex interfaces and laborious processes. This feature incorporates a drag-and-drop interface within the action pane, facilitating effortless attribute selection and prioritization. This design not only optimizes the workspace for maximum productivity but also reduces cognitive load, enabling users to concentrate on core tasks without the distraction of complex navigation.

How It Works:

  • Users navigate to the 'Studio' page, select 'Workbench', and then the 'Action' pane.
  • Attributes such as 'Instance Count' and 'Label' can be adjusted through a drag-and-drop mechanism, allowing for customization of the workspace.
  • Changes are saved by confirming the new configurations within the system.

Chat feedback with enrichment​

Module: Chatbot

Chat feedback with enrichment​, designed to optimize the interaction between users and chat agents by incorporating direct feedback mechanisms. This feature allows agents to review chat responses effectively and provide essential feedback on inaccuracies, thereby enriching the chat context and enhancing response precision.​

How It Works:

User Review: Users actively review responses provided by the chatbot and highlight any inaccuracies or areas for improvement.

Content Enrichment: Feedback gathered from users is utilized to enrich the document content, which aids in refining the chatbot’s accuracy and contextual understanding.

​Title based Document classification​

Module: AI Builder

In our ongoing effort to streamline operational efficiencies through automation, Botminds V22 has one more addition the Title-Based Document Classification feature. This advanced feature utilizes a rule-based model to automate the classification of documents by their titles, effectively eliminating manual efforts and the associated risks of human error.

The system analyzes the titles of documents using predefined rules. Documents are automatically categorized into predefined classes based on their title content. This streamlined process bypasses the need for manual sorting or detailed model training.

This feature underscores Botminds AI's commitment to providing advanced, user-friendly solutions that enhance document processing capabilities and operational efficiencies.​

Steps to use:

  1. Open Project Studio.​
  2. Select AI Builder > AI Models.​
  3. Click "Create Model" and choose the "Rules" tab.​
  4. Pick "Document classification taxonomy."​
  5. Opt for classification based on document title.​
  6. Add your rules.​
  7. Finalize by creating your model.​

​Workflow Navigation​

Module: Workflow

​The new Workflow Navigation feature is designed to simplify the document review process, enhancing the efficiency with which users manage and navigate through large document sets. This feature is engineered to minimize the time spent on document navigation and to prevent the overlooking of crucial information, thereby boosting productivity and decision-making accuracy.

Targeted Visibility: Only documents and their respective summaries that have been annotated with specific taxonomies and labels are displayed, ensuring relevance and clarity.

Stage Previews: Users have the capability to preview any stage before or after the current one, facilitating better contextual understanding and preparation.

Automated Progression: Upon completing the review of a document set, the system automatically transitions to the next set, maintaining continuous workflow momentum.

Simplified Document Sets: Each document set is tailored to a specific stage, containing a manageable number of documents, which simplifies the review process and reduces cognitive load.

​​How It Works

1. Open Project Studio.​

2. Select Workflow > Workflow

3. Click on the edit option of any specific stage in the workflow

4.  Click on 'Advanced Options.'​

5. Toggle 'Enable Preview' to enable/disable preview mode for a certain stage.

6. Choose the 'Taxonomy' and 'label' among the dropdowns that you want to see for a specific stage​

Cross Project Link

In the latest release, we introduce the "Cross Project Link," a revolutionary feature designed to connect disparate projects through the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. This feature addresses the crucial need for interconnectedness in environments where project data has traditionally been isolated, facilitating seamless data transfer and integration between projects.

The necessity for the Cross Project Link stems from the historical segregation of projects within the platform, where data from one could not be leveraged in another. This feature is particularly crucial as it resolves the challenges of data isolation by enabling the integration of, for instance, data from classification projects directly into extraction projects. This connectivity ensures that projects maintain their distinct user flows while being able to interact where necessary.

  • Powered by RPA Bot:     The Cross Project Link utilizes advanced RPA technology from Botminds, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency in automating data sharing and integration across projects.
  • Intelligent Workflow Integration: This feature exemplifies Botminds' capability to facilitate intelligent, automated workflows that are not only efficient but also adaptive to the complex needs of enterprise environments.

How It Works:

RPA Bot Activation: The process begins with an RPA Bot that is triggered when documents reach a specific stage within a project. This activation is crucial for initiating the cross-project linkage.

Document Creation and Upload: Once triggered, the Bot automatically generates documents from the completed files. These documents are then uploaded into different projects, where they are ready for further processing.

Metadata Handling: Alongside document creation, the Bot also generates a file containing the metadata of these documents. This metadata file is crucial for tracking and managing documents across projects and is automatically ingested into various projects using a datasheet.

Workflow Integration in Secondary Projects: In the secondary projects, the Bot integrates these documents into the user workflow based on predefined rules. Options include direct ingestion, the creation of document sets, or automatic assignment to users who handled the corresponding tasks in the previously completed project.

​Studio Page Revamp​

A significant overhaul of the Studio Page with a specific focus on enhancing the pricing module interface. This revamp is designed to address key inefficiencies in the current pricing strategies by reorganizing the studio menu to better align with our dynamic pricing models and module costs, ensuring a more intuitive and strategic user experience.

How It Works:
Go to studio page > Settings > Roles​> Add Roles to the user​.


With the release of Botminds V22, we are proud to deliver a suite of enhanced features that significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and user experience of our platform. From the innovative Cross Project Link that seamlessly integrates disparate projects to the refined Workflow Navigation and the strategic revamp of our Studio Page, each enhancement has been carefully designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

We encourage all users to explore the new functionalities and to provide feedback, which is invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance our products. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Botminds AI. We look forward to empowering your business operations and helping you achieve unparalleled success in your digital transformation journey.

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