Botminds V2

13 September 2017

Happy to inform a new release (# V2)  made available to all of you today.

This release mainly focuses on productivity-enhancing improvements in addition to strengthening activity logging and few bug fixes.

Productivity Enhancing Features:

Extracted values are shown directly in Operations Pane (L2)

No longer you have to do multiple clicks to know the extracted value for a label. Now its shown directly in L2. You can quickly glance it over. Click the value to reach the segment in the document pane (L1) immediately. This feature expected to cut down reviewer time tremendously, in one single click view i) label,  ii) extracted value and iii) corresponding original section from the document.

Improved Navigation using Labels

This release also addresses a long pending request from our users, ability to navigate sections marked with child label while using parent label for auto-play. This new feature will be a boon for reviewers who want to check whether abstractor captured all elements of a label group like address, profile, etc..

Show only matches on Label Search

Yes, we found a way to bury the annoying problem of scrolling through all child labels of a parent label to just select the one label you want to assign. Now, only the child labels that match your search keyword shown. Now few seconds off from each of your labeling action, phew.

Other Improvements:

Documents ordered by activity time in Activity logs  

Its like activity feeds now – we understand few more things to get there, but – you can see latest active documents on the top. Team Leads/Managers you got new activity feed to scroll through, it’s certainly more ‘rewarding’ than your FB or twitter 😊

‘Not so good fix’ for over logging due to idle time

We got reports of over logging for some documents from some users – mainly attributed to idle time & system in lock – as a quick & dirty fix, the user should click ‘All’ tab in Document Pane to stop logging. Now, this is your must to go place before you go anywhere from your desk.

We continue to work to make your life even simpler & productive, some exciting features on the anvil. Let's meet soon in another similar mail. Hopefully, nothing breaks down in between. Thanks for your support again.

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