Tredence and Botminds - Partnership benefits for Customers

06 December 2022

This is a special discussion on the benefits and scalability of Botminds OEM partner Tredence. Hari Natarajan, Managing Director, Tredence, discusses the advantages of partnering with Botminds Inc. to develop and offer innovative solutions; and share insights on how to create successful OEM partnerships. Botminds AI is being integrated with Tredence’s own data science platform to provide specific high-value solutions to clients.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the benefits and potential of OEM partnerships.

In addition, Soumendra Mohanty some is this Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, talks further about our partnership and go-to-market strategy.


Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Vikas Anand:

Tredence is our OEM partner, a premium consulting firm and IT service provider also have vertical product and at the cutting edge of technology like AI and IoT. Hari is an EVP and Chief Alliance Officer at Tredence responsible for global channel strategy execution, scale and revenue growth across treatments, industry verticals and practices. With over 35 years of pioneering and managing strategic P&Ls for global technology, Hari specializes in leading innovative business outcome driven partnerships with industry.


Hi, my name is Hari Natarajan. I'm the Chief Alliance officer here at Tredence based in Seattle in the United States. We are a global data science, AI innovation and advanced analytics solutions provider. We are headquartered in California.

We serve all major industries with our strongest footprint being in retail and CPG.

Today trading services six of the top 10 retailers and seven of the top ten consumer goods manufacturers. Helping them crack the most compelling industry challenges with data and AI across hyperscale clouds and data platforms. We have an army of 1900 data scientists and engineers that focus on addressing the last mile of analytics, which is the gap between the insights and the business outcomes that our customers desire. We specifically focus on time to value for our customers and we have grown our timely value metric by about 50% for most of our customers and we're very obsessed with customer satisfaction. So we have some of the highest NPS scores in the industry.

As part of our last mile of analytics, journey treatments is always seeking partner solutions that address white spaces leveraging data and AI including things like cognitive capability, textual capability as well as high end text modeling.

One of those whitespaces is handling and processing and delivering value from unstructured data, specifically text and documents found in information heavy systems and on the Internet. This is where our partnership with Botminds comes in. Leveraging the Botminds Intelligent Document Platform, Tredence can now process unstructured data in different formats that can be assimilated, aggregated, computed, and consumed faster with greater accuracy than other solutions.

For example, in the consumer goods industry, when Tredence develops a price monitoring solution that is dynamic, we now use Botminds to web scrape related unstructured text from the Internet to develop and deliver price monitoring models and solutions for our customers. This opens new capabilities for our solutions which our customers find very attractive. Additionally, by combining Tredence's data and AI solutions with Botminds IDP, Tredence can now expand its data and AI offerings to other industries like healthcare and financial services.

Finally, by combining the capabilities of Botminds with, which is Tredence's own data science innovation platform, Botminds can now accelerate data science outcomes with prebuilt models for text processing, video consumption - all of which make even more powerful for our customers to utilize. In that case, Botminds will operate as the cloud service running on Atom.

Therefore, leveraging the Botminds IDP Tredence believes we can expand our global market share and wallet share while also improving customer satisfaction across the globe.

This is the reason why we are truly excited to partner with Botminds and innovate together in our shared markets and we look forward to accelerating our partnership together in the years ahead.

Soumendra Mohanty:

This partnership with Botminds is something we have been looking for a while. The key for us was to look into data and as many wide variety sources of data. We are a primary data science company, so we are data hungry. We are always on the cutting edge of how I bring different kinds of data into solutions so that the algorithms become much more sophisticated, and it delivers the kind of business outcomes that our clients are looking for. And this is the reason why a few months back when we interacted with Gokul and team, we immediately jumped onto the opportunity that hey, this looks a fantastic solution and a platform that can be integrated into Atom which is our own innovation flagship platform where we co-develop with clients. We bring clients onto the platform and starting from design of AI solutions to the implementation of AI solutions that we do. A few things I would like to call out and highlight.

I have seen many RPA tools, many documents processing tools in the market, but the ability to quickly train and make it prime for use case consumption within a few weeks. It's something that I had rarely seen and Botminds came right on the spot in that area. The second thing was about the cognitive search that across multitude of documents and other text-oriented inputs, how do you go back and forth of what you had looked at and then what you are consuming into your larger AI solution and algorithms that you have built?

And it is always important for the lineage and traceability to go back and look where it is and how you have used it. And of course, the ability to not do too many things but get things done, which is the low code no code kind of interface. And it was easy for our teams at Tredence to quickly jump onto the Botminds platform and do a use case. Bringing those data, processing it, converting those outputs into structured formats that feeds in into our other data sources and algorithms that we have built to solve industry use cases.

So, these were some of the cool things I saw in Botminds, as far as our Partnership and Go-to-Market strategy Hari explained that very well and I’m very excited about the opportunities that this partnership has opened up in multiple conversations that are live and we are working through, Thank you Botminds!

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