Botminds Table Understanding

02 February 2022

Why is table understanding a big problem to solve?

Most of the financial and accounting data that are prevailing in the enterprise and corporate world dwells on table. As we rundown through the tables, we see that, these are already formatted and structured data. Then, why people believe that table understanding is an arduous task to be automated using AI.

When we do a detailed analysis, on suppose in a financial document, we see the table structures  and formats are not predominantly same. Each person/ firm follows their own schema to create the  tables, which makes it difficult for a
human / machine to comprehend it.

So think of an equity researcher who has to go through multiple financial documents which runs through  100's of pages which has numerous tables across companies. He has to spent oodles of time in going through each and every table and know if that is the table he is looking for. Not only that, he has to go through each line item of the table to get the much-needed information.

Suppose if an equity researcher, needs to get the sales information of a company for three years, Major portion of his time goes in finding the right table and right data. What if there is an no code custom built AI which ease the life of the
SME's / equity researcher in fetching the information and give it in a normalised structure.

What is table understanding?

Table understanding as the name suggests is all about a machine, reading and understanding the tables  as humans do. But with AI enabled process automation the entire process can be completed swiftly  within shorter TAT. So, with AI reading and extracting information from varied tables, SME's can spend time on stuffs which needs their expertise rather on finding the right table and getting the right line  item from the Table. Having said like AI will read and understand the tables on behalf of the SME's, it will be smart enough to comprehend information from different tables which are of varied structure.

Why do we proclaim that, only Botminds can do table understanding?

Table understanding in itself is a huge problem to solve. Which is been solved so uniquely that, with this impeccable solution we would be able to extract information from any kind of table with any kind of schema. Together with this solution, we also possess an ideal AI pipeline built-in which can be used by the SME's to create an end-to-end AI pipeline which can automate their document centric processes which needs no coding intervention.

How it works with Botminds AI?

Step 1: Upload the documents in Botminds platform from which you would like to extract the information that are part of tables.

Step 2: Define the data points you want the Botminds AI to read and understand and synthesize the data points in a structure that would want to see the final output.

Step 3: Add just 100 examples to each data point using our intuitive UI in a jiffy

Step 4: Use our one-click AI model to create relevant models

Step 5: With the hierarchical AI models feature, chain the AI models

Step 6: See the models in action by uploading a new document

See it is THAT SIMPLE!!!!

Perks of using Botminds AI

  • No code custom AI
  • Build an end-to-end AI pipeline in hours
  • 10X efficiency improvement
  • Botminds AI learns and improves over and over
  • With Botminds AI, SME’s can spent their time on salient things that needs their expertise

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