SLK and Botminds Partnership - Benefits for Customers

05 December 2022

“The Disruptive IDP Platform” | Learn more from Featured Implementation Partner SLK-Gireesh Ullody on why he believes Botminds AI Platform will help drive excellence at a fast pace, for clients. He points out that the platform’s powerful AI capabilities allow it to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data, providing valuable insights and recommendations that can help organizations improve their operations and decision-making. Additionally, Ullody emphasizes the user-friendly and intuitive nature of the platform, which makes it easy for users to access and leverage its capabilities. This allows organizations to implement the platform and start realizing its benefits, without the need for extensive training or technical expertise quickly and easily.


Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Handling documents has been critical to how well we can handle those automations, which are document-centric and have changed the dynamic of what we deliver to our client. What the client realizes is a value enabling peak performance through purposeful automation – this is the theme of our automation practice wherein we are focused on delivering value automation.

While several clients we see start off their automation journey to bring down costs as the primary motive, we feel that they are limiting themselves. We coach our clients to look further with higher value pursuits like risk containment, process resilience, readiness to scale and expanding their business more. The dexterity and agility of an enterprise in enabling straight-through processing needs a multifold technology approach. Situations are varied, they are complex, and it needs a higher order of engineering acumen, business understanding and more importantly the technical engine that is underneath that has to be superior to make the journey smooth, fast and accurate.

We've always been looking at what could be the technology that we need to look out for to make things faster, right, make things better, accurate and taking that business performance to a higher order. Botminds is that disruptive IDP platform that we feel will help all of us drive excellence at a different pace, a different level of accuracy through their native extraction capability that's at the core. And the differentiation that they bring to the table - be it their vertical search capability or analytics.

The crux I would say is their GEEK (Get It Done, Empathize, Empower, Keep Improving) values that they have in-built into every stage with respect to their platform, the way they engage with all of us, the way they have enabled us to go in and deliver those solutions continuously.  They keep improving with ease and do what is necessary to make all of us successful and help us make our clients successful. And that's what we see as an essence in Botminds. Together with Botminds and SLK, we feel that there is a potential to take our clients out of that task of performing document reviews and help them achieve the pinnacle of resilience – enabling customer and employee experience and driving exponential growth.

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