Capture investment signals from Annual Reports 10x faster.

04 June 2020
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No investment research is complete without reading annual reports.

Many investment firms are chasing a vicious cycle in automating data extraction from annual reports.

Problem #1 is complexity.

Annual reports come in 1000s of templates. These templates vary in structural aspects such as design, layout, and text formats, and they may contain highly complex inter-dependent tables.

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The technologies such as RPA or OCR fail miserably to extract the vital data confined in these long complex documents, requiring human-like comprehension.

Automation without contextual understanding generates inaccuracy and inefficiency. Even a minor error might lead to a business loss or wrong investment call.

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No matter how many rules are applied, they fail to augment humans in capturing data based on the context. Annual reports vary and for a rule-based process to work, they should either stay consistent in their format or change by a predetermined amount.

Botminds AI platform uses ML & NLP technologies to extract context and data from Annual Reports, just like a human would, but 10x faster.

Complex tables and inconsistent document layouts are no hurdle to Botminds.

Read documents. Understand tables. Extract value

  • Take the grunt work out of reading long documents. DocuMind specializes in understanding the semantic meaning of text in a human-like fashion so you can get accurate results no matter how complex the document.
  • DocuMind leverages visual cues like text size, color, styling and placement. This results in human-like understanding based on contextual information.
  • Understanding tables in PDF is tricky business. Most AI solutions fall short of truly 'reading' tables. But not DocuMind. It reads labels row-by-row, just like a human reader, and extracts each row as a table record. Even complex tables - like those split across multiple columns or containing sub-columns can be understood easily with DocuMind.

With a context-aware platform, set up an end-to-end automation pipeline of Annual Reports in a few hours and make investment decisions with highly reliable data.

Automate within days. Not months or years

  • DocuMind uses advanced transfer learning technology. This means it needs 100x - 1000x fewer training examples than standard deep learning technologies. Hello lightning fast automation!
  • Thanks to the seamlessly integrated architecture of DocuMind, training the AI to understand your business needs is iterative and easy. Get a starter model with just 100 examples. Simply give more examples for the data points that need higher accuracy to get the results you need.

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