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05 February 2021
Web Data Extraction

The advent of digitalization has led to humongous data availability on the internet. Theories show that 93% of worldwide data produced is unstructured, which means it doesn’t follow a predefined data model and is heavily text-based. Moreover, businesses today rely primarily upon their data, that too which is a structured and accurate one.

Analyzing such massive amounts of data has become a lot like finding a needle in a haystack of data. To achieve these tasks with such an efficacy either we can deploy a manual workforce or just automate the entire process.

Manual data extraction, collection, and processing is such a tedious task, that no one can attain their best accuracy near to 100%. A more realistic and feasible approach to maintain the error-free standards to power the critical business needs is to automate the web data extraction.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard"

Data extraction is undeniably a painstaking and labor-intensive task. It consists of many arduous activities that include proxy management, data parsing, infrastructure management, overcoming fingerprinting anti-measures, rendering JavaScript-heavy websites at scale, and much more.

The best way around in order to automate all these tasks can be achieved by using ‘AI Web Crawlers’. They are the seemingly intractable programs brained with intelligent algorithms to fetch out the data available on the web according to the precise requirement in a methodical and automated manner. Unfortunately, a poorly crafted web crawler can end up providing poor user experiences to server crashes to data theft, and inaccurate data results that surely cause a lot of damage. Thus choosing the right service provider for high-quality data extraction services is a must for your business.

Botminds is an intuitive “Web Data Extraction” service provider that can escalate your business growth with our sophisticated gleaning of web data using our custom build AI web crawlers.

Our AI-based web crawlers can provide you the best in market end-to-end automation services for your web data extraction process with a few point and click activities. Unlike the other players in the market, web data extraction and integration using our AI web crawlers is a lot more than simply scraping data from a website. The intelligent algorithms that work simultaneously underneath the web data extraction process help in yielding the most accurate results.

The in-house developed web crawlers at Botminds can perform way better than the brittle Regex, XPath, or other rule-based crawlers, and possess unique flexibility to work around a plethora of new technologies for data collection, filtration, and delivery using an entirely adaptable and dynamic approach.

Understand How Botminds “AI web Crawlers” maneuvers:

Our web crawlers start off by downloading and accessing the website’s robot.txt file. From here the crawler gets the entire sitemap of the URLs through which it can crawl. Once the crawlers first interact with the webpage, it not only extracts the required data but also new pages via links with the help of robust and intelligent search algorithms.

These newly discovered URLs are added to the crawl queue for crawling later on. However, the web pages we encounter today are all equipped with heavy extensions and are highly dynamic. Thanks to the algorithms we provide in our AI web crawlers that they are able to work outstandingly in the hardest real-time scenarios. From reaching to a webpage, reading its content, and extracting information by leveraging the semantic understanding of the language including our ability to extract required information even if the page structure changes, our cross-functional and multi-talented web extraction solutions can provide an unmatched and best in class performance to meet your data needs.

Is Web Data Extraction Right for You?

Organizations that benefit most from the automation of web data collection and integration:

• Have a complex or time-consuming extraction process for web-based data that won’t scale with your current solution

• Use large amounts of data to gain insight, create a competitive edge, ensure compliance, or deliver services

• Want to move from slow, manual monitoring to proactive, near-real-time intelligence from a larger, scalable, more accurate data set and produce outstanding results

How will our Astute AI Web Data Extraction Crawlers revolutionize your market presence?

Highly optimized to extract and process data from various dynamic sources such as websites, web portals, web apps, as well as internal and external applications:

• Enhanced URL identification and classification.

• Zero compromises with the data quality, accuracy, and completeness during web extraction.

• Integration of highly intelligent data extraction algorithms to cope up with the platform dynamics.

• Capability to automate all the aspects of the data extraction and integration process such as real-time changes on all websites either simple or dynamic ones.

• Intelligent navigation, where our AI crawlers can do the user activities like form filling, next page clicking, etc, and many more.

• Easily and quickly scalable.

• Operability with all sorts of web browsers.

Due to our robust and intelligent web crawlers, we have proudly delivered web extraction solutions to meet a profusion of client needs from various sectors such as financial data, public records, competitive pricing, news information, judicial documents, and many more diverse sources.

We at Botminds, with our team of experienced professionals, do not need months or weeks to deploy and ease your web data extraction process. Our capable team of professionals can perform the deployment within a short time frame. These web crawlers are all ready to use as soon as they get deployed and can start extracting data as per your business needs.

With the ever-increasing need for data and the challenges associated with acquiring it, AI crawlers are what’s missing link in the equation.

The Artificial Intelligence web crawlers will prove to be the game-changer with the artificial human sight, can read, crawl and extract information for your business’s needs to attain various unparalleled competitive advantages.

While our versatile crawlers meet your business utility and perform the web data extraction for you with exponentially less time spent on data collection, you can synthesize your workforce in other higher-quality services to attain a competitive edge with profitable results.

We help you and your business to expedite such manually intensive processes through our web data extraction solution using AI web crawlers and broaden your brand offerings and grow your client base tenfold!

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