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Automate End-to-End Lease data abstraction process

Leases usually hold complex provisions, clauses, and terminology, which are often difficult to analyze and decipher. It takes a lot of time and energy to promptly interpret, organize, and extract every necessary data point from each lease within your lease portfolio. Abstracted information from a lease is critical data for portfolio analysis or management. Lease abstractions can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours per lease. The process is a mind-numbing amount of time for anyone to spend pouring over old, scanned documents. In addition, complex leases have intricate terms and conditions like CAMs, assignments, amendments, escalations, co-tenancies, and expense reimbursements that need to be carefully reviewed and documented.

Botminds AI automatically finds and extracts all data that you want to abstract from Lease contracts. Botminds AI reads and understands leases like a pro lease abstractor. Obtain 1000+ key data points such as rights, obligations, duties, liabilities, and risks from your lease documents and summarize them promptly. Streamline the process irrespective of variations in document formats, layouts, and language. Detect dependencies among original leases, revisions, and amendments. Quickly highlight risk clauses and score them based on the custom risk severity for your business. Easily export summarized data or integrate with downstream tools, property management, or accounting software using our APIs.

Human-In-The-Loop Solution

Human-In-The-Loop Solution

Lease Abstractors are augmented by Botminds AI. SME's can focus on quality and can do more leases per day.

Robust Integration

Robust Integration

Easily export summarized data or integrate with downstream tools, property management or accounting software using our APIs.

Faster Implementation

Faster Implementation

Automate end-to-end lease abstraction within just a few hours of AI training. No coding. No hassle.

Reduced Expenses

Reduced Expenses

Augment your experts’ skills to reduce manual tasks. Use a singular platform for automating process end-to-end cut cost and simplify operations.

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Lease abstraction is a process that involves the extraction of financial, business, or legal data that is critical to property portfolio management.

A lease abstract eliminates all the distractors and offers a high-level overview of the lease demands and expectations, thereby saving time and effort.

AI reads and understands leases like a pro lease abstractor and warrants 100% error-free results

Saves Time, Cost, and Effort
Averts and Mitigates Risk
Leverages Data Analytics, Machine Learning algorithms, and NLP
Improves ROI
100% accurate results.

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