Botminds V15

28 April 2022

A new major release in less than 45 days. Yes, we picked our pace significantly, for various reasons big & small, but for sure, our team wanted to scale Himalayan heights played a part too. (yes, literally, they are out on vacation in the Himalayas for the next two weeks). We are excited about this release as it ushers a new way of looking at Document Automation and packs a lot of value additions to our customers as well. Highlights of the major ones are below.

1.    Redefinition of Document Automation UX

A complete overhaul of user experience to reflect the leadership in defining Document Automation for enterprises.

We live and breathe Document Automation. In addition, we keenly observe usage patterns and use case evolutions in enterprises. Hence, we are uniquely positioned to organize and articulate what it takes to achieve a successful Document Automation in enterprises.

It is a must that our platform UX also reflects the same organized thought process. Happy to unveil a new way of organizing the existing & new innovative features in the Botminds platform.

1.1  Simplified main menu – Projects, Dashboard & Studio

Three key user personas for any SME heavy document-centric process automation– Knowledge Workers or SMEs, Knowledge Leaders or CXOs, Citizen Developers or IA COE analysts gets their primary workspace, Projects, Dashboard & Studio, respectively. Hence only three main menus on the Botminds platform here on. Neat & Clean. Logical.

Our UX engineer did some little tricks to provide extra real estate to knowledge workers by crunching header menus and breadcrumbs, hope you all like this new look & feel.

1.2  All 'bot automation' configurations are in one place now in Automations

True to be an end-to-end intelligent automation platform, we have many inbuilt record & repeat, lift & shift scenario automating components. For example, document intake components, export adapters & integration wizards. Now, all of these are grouped under Automations.

Traditionally - in the old RPA world – enterprises used to pay a lot of bot licenses for these tasks; with Botminds, these are free OOB features. Data feeds in the new addition, a power-packed way to create data products/integrations – a separate unveiling post with more details soon.

1.3  All customizations related to your process are now in Process Center.

All configurations you need & customizations you have to do 'to 'inject' the process knowledge into AI are available in one place. For example, defining the attributes you want to extract from documents, views & validations logics, typical stages a document goes thru in its cycle, quality checks. Now all of these are grouped under the process center.

You don't have to spend extra dollars on your BPM solutions for business workflow management. With Botminds, it's taken care of OOB.

1.4  Model Ops and multi-model solution orchestration now in AI Builder

Creating new models using the annotations by SMEs or generating new versions of the existing models in use, comparing the accuracies, creating, robust solutions using multiple AI models all now come under our AI Builder.

'Don't search for AI components that suit your needs in the RPA marketplace; build a custom solution in days.' That's the core of Botminds.

2.    Analytics

2.1  Chart Views for existing Widgets

Our v1 widgets got a face lift. In addition to the tabular data formats, you can edit and choose any of the new chart views – Pie chart, Line Graph, or Histograms – Dashboards are now more vibrant and colorful.

2.2  Multiple Project Dashboard

Different teams want different dashboards as they have different roles & permissions, and objectives to use the Botminds AI platform – and hence this ask has been frequent from the moment we launched the dashboard. So we listened, and with this release, multiple dashboards are possible and simple as well.

2.3  Subscription Dashboard

In addition to project dashboards and team dashboards, we have extended the same to subscriptions. So now you can have a subscription level dashboard by adding widgets from any projects in the subscription. This will help subscription admins and users who are part of multiple projects who like to have subscription-level analytics.

2.4  New Widgets

Two new widgets – Query widget & Navigation widget

Query widget: This allows you to retrieve data from a customer-saved view by executing an attribute or filter query and applying aggregations to it.

Navigation widgets: A simple way for a user to navigate between the different widgets on your dashboard.

3. Intelligent Document Processing

3.1 Discovery Model

A new pre-trained Metamodel to automatically extract relevant links from webpages

True to our foundational principle – native web page understanding is equally important to pdf understanding – we are proud to introduce this new path-breaking feature, the discovery model. With this, we remove the need for manual annotations to create link extraction models.

In the earlier version, you have to do a single website-specific link extractor creation with annotations performed manually; from V15, you have all the power to upload a text file with thousands of listing URLs enabling this feature and pushing it to the drive.

For instance, a leading Investment Bank research team uses this feature to bring in the latest news articles from 5000+ company news pages, further classified and relevant information extracted, structured in the format they want, all in a few hours. The sheer scale this feature enables is phenomenal

Super excited about the use cases 'The Discovery Model' opens up for us.

4.    Intelligent Document Explorer

4.1  Enhanced webpages support in IDE

Discovery Model induced improvements in IDE, query & filter webpages by parent page.

Webpages loading happening at scale in an automated manner due to the new discovery model means we need a way to view only the listing pages and parent URLs of the documents.

This made seamless with an option to view only the listing pages under a project by enabling the query pane's 'show listing page' button. Besides, our platform can also show the parent links of documents present in the project.

All you must do is click on the 'edit query' and enable the 'list URL' in the query pane and search. Botminds AI pulls out all the parent links present in the document list page section.

5.    New Automations

5.1  Botminds Drive sync

Further modularizing the document ingestion & extraction using AI models

We see use cases where Botminds IDE & Botminds Drive are used without much of IDP. To make those scenarios easier to automate, we introduce a way to skip orchestrated models.

Moving the added documents from the external or internal source to the Botminds Drive does not have to be a manual process anymore. Any new documents added to the source will get automatically picked by Botminds Drive.

All you have to do is configure the source one time and enable the “sync with drive” option, and Botminds AI will carry out the rest.

Once you specify the frequency at which documents should be uploaded from the source to the drive, the files get automatically picked up by Botminds Drive.

5.2  Remove pop-ups

Keep annoying pop-ups at bay during webpage understanding.

A Simple pre-trained utility to avoid manual action to remove popups that hinder proper understanding of the webpages.

Botminds Remove Pop-ups serve an extremely useful purpose: preventing the pop-ups from webpages that interrupt Botminds AI during automated web page understanding or users during the AI training phase. The users can now configure to remove popups in webpages in two different related flows, one during listing page configuration and another in webpage configuration.

5.3  Social media ingestion-Twitter

Load tweets as short text documents – Source addition gets a new addition

As a part of the V15 release, we have extended our source addition to social media. The users can now perform Twitter-related extractions with the capability to do live ingestion of the tweets matching a search term. More to come soon.

Please register for the upcoming V15 release deep-dive session at this link

Gokul Ganapathi, our CEO, and Vignesh Theyagarajan (Head of Product Engineering) will walk you through these exciting new features.

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