Botminds V14

14 March 2022

On this special occasion of Botminds Founding day – March 14th, we are happy to announce the release of the next major version of our platform. This version adds two new methods of adding documents to Botminds and packs great many usability enhancements and stability improvements.

SharePoint connector

This is one key integration consistently asked by our customers. With the introduction of Botminds IDE this got renewed attention and happy to say SharePoint folders as a source is available in Botminds platform with this release v14.

Configure one time the SharePoint folder as source, any new documents added in the folder will get automatically picked by Botminds AI. As like any new source configuration you can specify frequency at which documents should get loaded from SharePoint folders.

Web search extension

Processing Webpages with Botminds AI do not have to be a two-step process anymore – get the pages from the web and upload them in Botminds AI for our models to act. Here on from V14, All you must do is key in the keywords of your interest at the start, and just review the final data at the end, and Botminds AI will carry out the rest.

You can include custom document classification models to narrow the search results for your domain and further include custom AI models to extract key information from web pages in a seamless manner.

This feature addition is result of upstream understanding of ‘Research Analyst’ workflows. Super excited to see adoption of this feature in exciting use cases.

Annotation Error metrics

Our inbuilt annotation platform gets a simplified way of getting to know the quality of work done by annotators in this release v14. Multiple annotators involved in creating dataset and reviewers entrusted with quality is quite a common onboarding scenario with our customers.

High accurate models with small dataset means any errors in the annotation will have massive impact on model accuracies hence learning about errors, tracking the annotation errors for proper closure is super critical.

Newly added error metrics help by presenting the number of open errors, resolved errors, total errors, and error percentage in documents and listing them against each document in a separate column in just a few clicks. Also, you can get error metrics by annotators and labels for focused training and improvement.

Usability enhancements

Rapid Review from Document List

Custom views in document list now support ability to do corrections without having to open the documents.

Color codes for anomalies, user approvals, showing confidence score along with values extracted, ability to filter empty values or values matching a pattern etc. adds great speed to model quality review as well as fine-tuning time.

Look up refresh prompts.

One of the key capabilities of Botminds IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) is using external master data or Knowledge Base to augment extracted value from documents.  We heard from our users, the lookups refresh – change in extracted value which triggers an update in derived values – leads to a lot of errors due to oversight. Now the user will get prompts whenever the derived values need a re-lookup.

Bulk assignment

With this feature in place, users can assign more than one document to a particular user or workflow stage. Initially, users were limited to selecting only one document at a time from the document list to assign to a particular user or workflow stage.

With the Bulk assignment, users can now filter out multiple documents based on criteria such as document title, search text, and source and assign them to a particular user or workflow stage.

  • Widget data download

This new feature enables users to download the data present in a widget and export it in excel format.

And other than the above listed new features & enhancement, we have fixed bugs identified or reported, and, as a usual good number of optimizations are shipped as part of this release.

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