Botminds V12

19 October 2021


With the latest release, you can now configure any custom widget as per your need. This helps you get better analytical insights and numbers about the project. Be it the document count, label-wise example count, or document stage-wise count, we have all the pre-defined widgets which enable you to create your own dashboard.

Advanced Workflow Stage 
Property_ Details 
furnished statu 
Car parking 
Auto Refresh 
+ Add Widget 
Re Annotate 
Project details 
S Price 
M e mt*r 
Example Count of Tower 
Agent Details 
Project Details 
WorkflcM' Stage 
Bat h room 
Super aræ 
Water Availability


Another useful feature that comes as part of Botminds V12 is Custom Views. You can now start saving your query filters along with the columns of your choice as part of the custom document listing view. This helps you avoid the hassle of filtering documents with different combinations each time you want. Just start saving the views with different filter conditions for your scenarios and toggle between them with a single click.

The project admin has the rights to save Views at a project level as well, enabling other project users to use them.

In addition to this, the project admin can now configure the query template for a project by choosing only the filters that are required. By doing so, the project users get to see only the configured filters in the query pane.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA):
With Botminds V12, you can now enable more security to user accounts using 2FA.

The 2FA can now be enabled at the subscription level by the subscription admin. On doing so, all the existing users and newly added users within that subscription will have 2FA enabled. The users on logging in, will then be prompted to verify 2FA by scanning the QR code provided using any authenticator app. Once this is done, on every forthcoming login, the users will be prompted for a OTP after the password has been authenticated.

2 factor 
+ subscription 
using Lloud 
Setup 2-factor authentication 
Sun with 
this ZG6RT5YWQ24Z2AXT 
the six-digit code appliGtion 
iQge, display a siedigit

Workflow :

The existing “Workflow” has now been renamed to “Document Stages”.

You can now configure workflow from a project and connect to any external communication medium through this Workflow feature.

Workflow can be created for events like document access and annotation (any specific label alone can be chosen) and can be integrated with the outside world using any of the options given below.

1. Configure a webhook to your external API endpoint

2. Send an email

3. Send a slack message

Auto Document Set Creation:

You no more need to group documents manually under different conditions to create a document set. The document set creation has now been made automatic. This can be achieved in two ways.

1. Based on label values (post document ingestion) - Documents having the same value for the configured label(s) will be grouped together under a document set.

Search Text 
Start date 
Create Document Set 
CEO Yan Li on QB 
technology Group. I 
AutoDocS et 
Default v 
The Buckle, Inc. EKE) CEO 
Suma Inc. (SRNA) CEO Tony McDonald on 
End date 
XL Cmup. 
Niu Technologies 
t:} Can 
Titan c 
n Duid 
Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc 
Thumb Industn 
•es Inc.'s 
Group I 
+ Label 
Group 2 
no labels 
Witlw't HieGrchy Label 
ECT Doc 
nc. 'WSTC) Mam

2. Based on folders (pre document ingestion) - Documents present under the same folder during ingestion will be considered to be part of one document set.

Query & Filters

Botminds V12 offers a simplified query execution process that will allow you to find the document you need in a matter of seconds. With precision filters, you no longer have to scroll endlessly through files, as Botminds IDE provides advanced filter options that will help you pinpoint the exact file you need.

Search Text 
3-BHR-I IOS-sq-ft-MultistorepApartment 
More filters 
Show Label Hierarcl-y 
P mperty_De 
P mperty_De 
Start date 
P mperty_De 
Super area 
1 OCC 
Label Status 
Label Status 
Label Status 
Label Status 
"'b mit 
End date 
Norh - 
Worktlov,• Stage 
Taxomom/ Labels

Document Search and Management

Document search and management in Botminds V12 not only helps you get to desired locations within a document through powerful deep-linking but also notifies the document stage the document is at. By looking critically at document workflows, you can find ways to make the document search more effective while reducing the amount of effort.

Inbuilt Label Masking

With this all-new Label Masking feature, the user can define the values to be masked with no technical support, it's possible both via source document upload as well in its summary.

The label masking can be enabled in the label details from the taxonomy page.

The smart PDF with all masked values can also be downloaded from the document page.

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