What is IDC?

14 February 2022

Let your document communicate better with Botminds IDC.

Documentation is pivotal to successful business processes. It accommodates you to have procedures to expand your business with ease as you face anything from its stakeholders.  A business document is at the heart of digital transformation. A report reveals that 80% of all business data is embedded in unstructured formats like business documents, images and PDF documents.

Disruptive solutions like Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) automate data capture from several documents and data sources and organize it for further processing. Though solutions like IDP enables the business to automate volumes of document reducing the human intervention, does it help to communicate the changes made to the document or the status of the document workflow to the system and stakeholders without human intervention?

Botminds Intelligent Document Communication (IDC) makes it all possible.

Botminds IDC is an effective document communicator that helps your documents connect, collaborate and stay aligned with your internal teams and external systems. IDC automatically reads the document, tracks changes made to it, validates the information by cross-linking with external data, and instantly notifies the stakeholders and the system to act if necessary.

Botminds AI acts as the translator between the documents, systems, and stakeholders by automating document communication.

In that direction, these are just some of the features that tell why Botminds IDC should be your next business investment.

Document reconciler

Botminds IDC helps compare and cross verify data within documents using a document reconciler. For instance, let's say you have uploaded two documents, one Aadar and another Pan, for the KYC process. Document reconciler instantly checks if the data present in Aadhar is consistent and accurate to the data present in the pan. The document reconciler immediately notifies if the information present in one document is against the information present on the other uploaded documents.

Intelligent notifier

Many critical changes are happening in the business document every day, and often you and your team will want to get informed about the changes and stages of the document to act on it instantly.

Botminds IDC notifies the changes happening in the document and the workflow stage in which the document is currently present using an Intelligent notifier. An intelligent notifier notifies the stakeholders when documents are checked in or checked out, annotated, updated, copied, renamed, moved to the next process stage, and more.

Smart integration

Apps have taken over our lives, especially at work.

What if you could connect your IDC with the apps you use?

Botminds helps you connect your Intelligent Document Communication Solution to the best business tools you already use to enhance document communication better. Smart integration facilitates your document to communicate with every app out there, saving time for productive, non-repetitive work.

Document enricher

Document enricher empowers you to make cross-connections with the data present in the outside world. It generates insight by automatic lookup values from external sites and databases to check if the data present in the uploaded document is consistent and accurate in just a few clicks.

And that’s a wrap!

Botminds IDC greases the wheels of document communication by sending automated confirmations and improvement requests, updating the status, and integrating with industry-leading software and custom apps that teams require, enabling the enterprises to skip the time spent communicating documents and focus on the business instead.

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