Document process made effortless with Botminds V13 release

01 January 2022

Technology-driven ways of alluring customers took centre stage in 2021 and will remain to do so in the coming years. As we take a moment to recollect what an exhilarating ride it has been for Botminds last year, we are fresh off the stage this 2022 with many exciting features.

With first of its kind features in improving rapid automation capabilities while adding more power to SMEs in infusing AI to their processes themselves, this V13 release breaks new ground in Intelligent Document Process Automation for enterprises.

Today the Botminds platform has grown and spread across three components- Intelligent Document Explorer (IDE), Intelligent Document Processing(IDP), and Intelligent Document Communication (IDC). The rapid growth has brought some challenges. It has become hard for our customers to create folders and store documents, evaluate models' precision and resolve customers' queries faster. Furthermore, we thought there was a need for security enhancements as well.

Keeping these challenges in mind and after several months of intense work, we are delighted to bring new features to version 13.

On that note, let us check out what is in store in this version.

Store and sync documents better:

Botminds relieves you from the stress of multiple uploads, using different user machines and complex configurations through a brand new storage solution,botminds drive.

Botminds drive helps you create folders, upload documents, and use them as a source for your document ingestion. Furthermore, it is super powerful as it comes with Botminds folder monitoring capabilities and audit logs for all CRUD activities as per early adopters.

Evaluate the model’s precision with accuracy calculators 

As part of the release, accuracy calculators help you to know the real-world quality of the models developed in real-time, delivering accurate results without any manual calculation or extensive monitoring involved.

Available at the document and attribute levels, accuracy calculators evaluate the model’s precision by automatically calculating the accuracy numbers based on SMEs' approve/reject activities.

Solving concerns when it matters with new chat experience 

Live chat is the smartest and the most efficient method of customer engagement if used right. With V13, Botminds move beyond the traditional chat to a new conversational experience via the chat interface built alongside the search panel. The interface acts as a prelude to upcoming Botminds Q&A capability to help customers get answers from unstructured documents faster.

Deep linkers to the document listing page 

The new path-breaking feature help subject matter experts to check the quality of models developed in real-time by doing a side-by-side review of the extracted values with its source document instantly on the document listing page. This saves huge time for the SMEs removing the need of opening the document.

  • Shield your data with security enhancements 

Botminds platform is built on our customers' trust: trust in our ability to properly secure their data and our commitment to respect the privacy of the information they place in our systems.

As part of the release, new and enhanced security features include 2FA authentication, extended coverage of activity logs, granular controls, and more to control their information.

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