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08 November 2021

Enterprises spend a significant amount of time manually processing information-intensive documents that come in diverse formats and layouts. While existing automation solutions such as RPA and OCR have helped enterprises automate complex multi-system processes, it is not the right tool to automate complex document-based processes. This is because documents are fluid and change formats and templates, and require an AI-first approach.

Botminds’ intelligent document automation is a sure-shot way to increase the efficiency of your document processes. Instead of subject-matter experts spending hours collating documents from multiple sources, extracting relevant data points, and feeding them to disparate systems, the Botminds AI platform automates document-based mission-critical tasks with SME intelligence.

End-to-end document automation with Botminds

With Botminds unified platform, you can simply load documents of any format from anywhere – your local machine, email inbox, the cloud, or even websites. The inbuilt document AI extracts relevant data from unstructured documents by understanding the layout, headers, paragraphs, tables, etc. – just like humans. Once the pre-trained AI models validate and normalize the extracted data, a smart and comprehensive summary is presented. This enriches the external database and pulls up more documents for further processing. The powerful cognitive search capabilities of the platform combined with powerful deep linking helps SMEs to get to the actual location within any document so that they spend more time doing productive work and less time finding the data they need. In no time, you can integrate the data with downstream applications. All these in just a few clicks with no coding at all.

Here’s a quick comparison between manual document processing and Botminds end-to-end document automation platform:

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