Table AI – Botminds V9 Release

27 January 2021

Extracting data out of tables present in various enterprise documents is complex and close to impossible with existing automation solutions such as RPA and OCR. Business-critical information, often tabulated, is buried in documents, and it requires subject-matter expertise to review and analyze them to draw valuable insights. Hence, deploying simple RPA and OCR based solutions barely scrape the surface.

Botminds handles all the complexity associated with comprehending and processing such information-intensive documents with the help of Table AI. With Botminds Table AI, enterprises can easily extract the data they need from complex business-critical documents like annual reports, financial statements, balance sheets, etc., without worrying about the underlying technologies such as machine learning (ML), deep linking, and natural language processing (NLP). Botminds employs proprietary cell, row, and column-level understanding models that leverage rich contextual information to convert complex table data into readily usable structured data.

Botminds table understanding models are trained using more than millions of tables from various documents spanning multiple industries, enabling customers to develop domain-specific models rapidly.

Some of the standout features of Botminds table AI include native table structure identification, rapid domain-model generation, and cell-level deep linking described below:

  1. Native table structure identification: Botminds Table AI readily identifies a table and its structure in an exportable manner.
  2. Rapid model generation: Subject-matter experts (SMEs) can immediately focus on adding domain-specific context to the values in various tables with the help of automatic table structure identification.
  3. Cell-level deep linking: Botminds’ proprietary AI output and deep-linking capability work in tandem with table AI, thereby directly linking the output to a cell value.

Several businesses stand to gain from automating table data extraction from documents that are otherwise done manually with excel sheets and offline forms. Hence AI-powered table extraction empowers enterprises to automate processes hitherto untouched by automation like financial research, spreading, advanced reconciliation, etc.

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