Form Understanding – Botminds V10 release

17 April 2021

Grappling with forms such as registration forms, application forms, KYC forms, etc., is not new to enterprises. While most employ existing automating solutions like RPA bots and OCR that are ridden with complexities in integration, they are unaware that they can put an end to these hardships by fully automating form processing with intelligent automation.

Botminds’ intelligent document automation handles all the complexities associated with comprehending and processing information-intensive forms with the help of form understanding AI models. With Botminds, enterprises can easily extract the data they need from business-critical documents like KYC forms, registration forms, application forms, etc., without worrying about the underlying technologies such as machine learning (ML), deep linking, and natural language processing (NLP). Botminds employs powerful layout, check-box, and rich visuals’ understanding AI models that obtain insights from complex forms just like how humans read them. These pre-trained models thus convert complex form data into readily usable structured data. Botminds form understanding models are trained using more than millions of forms from various documents spanning multiple industries, enabling customers to develop domain-specific models rapidly.

XML files, often found as attachments to forms, typically have a heavily nested structure and a variety of elements. Due to this structure, it may be very difficult to profile and transform the data as is. Many data practitioners tend to rely on code or scripts which are error-prone and require technical expertise.

Right from large-scale ingestion of multi-format form documents, to extracting relevant data, and integrating it with the database and downstream applications, the Botminds AI platform can handle end-to-end form process automation while supporting human-in-the-loop validation. With Form understanding AI, enterprises can precisely organize insights by extracting data from any form type without coding or bot maintenance. With human-like understanding, Botminds creates smart forms that enable linking between the extracted summary to every key-value of the form for easy validation and reference.

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Botminds Inc, a Chennai, India, and Seattle, USA based enterprise document process automation company. Botminds AI platform is the world's first unified unstructured document processing platform with integrated Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Automation (IPA) components. Botminds changes the way information-intensive, large, and content-heavy, document-centric process automation is executed in enterprises. Botminds is a 30+ member team chasing the research happening in the intersection of deep learning & NLP and enabling some of the leading organizations in India and the USA.

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