Botminds V11 release – Expanding the realm of IDP with table AI and image AI

16 June 2021

Botminds, a pioneer in intelligent document processing automation, has launched its newest release – Botminds V11. Continuing its march to push the boundaries of intelligent document processing (IDP), Botminds has added table AI and image AI in its latest version. V11 also includes the first version of its very own marketplace.

With the additions, Botminds is expanding the variety of use cases enterprises can automate. Here is a closer look at the capabilities rolled into V11.

Table AI

With Botminds Table AI, enterprises can easily extract the data they need from complex business-critical documents like annual reports, financial statements, balance sheets, etc. Botminds employs proprietary cell, row, and column-level understanding models that leverage rich contextual information to convert complex table data into readily-usable structured data.

Botminds table understanding models are trained using more than millions of tables from various documents spanning multiple industries, enabling customers to develop domain-specific models rapidly. Some of the standout features of Botminds table AI include native table structure identification, rapid domain-model generation, and cell-level deep linking.

Image AI

With image AI, it’s now possible to capture relevant data from large collections of scanned documents such as PAN, Aadhar, driving license, etc. in minutes, so that you can free your valuable resources for high-value tasks and maximize enterprise productivity.

“Tables and complex data elements in documents should not be a blocker for your automation initiatives. With Botminds' table AI and image AI, you can achieve automation in your core business scenarios, unlock multifold bottom-line efficiency” - Gokul Ganapathi, Co-Founder & CEO of Botminds

Audit Logging

With V11, activity tracking has gotten easier for project admins. Any activity done on the portal can now be tracked, so that admins always stay in control of the entire project and can view the audit logs with ease.

With the expertise gained from working closely with large enterprises, Botminds has added the ability to query and filter audit logs at the granular level for any activity in a project as per the admin’s requirements. This is a critical capability for large enterprises where regulatory compliance and security implications are top concerns.

The filter options such as user, date range, documents, etc. allow admins to view activities specific to the applied conditions without any hassle. The audit logs can further be exported to an excel file for ease of use.

Error Marking

Botminds enables customers to generate high-quality models with a minimal number of trainings. Often small errors that creep into data sets and models can lead to drastically poor outcomes. This possibility has been eliminated in V11. Reviewing document annotations, recommending changes, and providing feedback using a single review pane is possible with V11. The annotator can check the comments and can resolve them after updating the annotated section or keyword.

With additional summary filters, admins can easily view just the errors or corrected annotations. They can also compare different summary versions of a given document to get an idea of the annotation transitions the document has gone through.

Botminds AI Marketplace

With V11, Botminds has also launched its marketplace that comes with dozens of pre-built AI models which can be used by enterprises to gain a head-start in building a custom model, for specific needs. This relieves enterprises from the hassle of building AI models from scratch. Solutions that are being developed by partners will soon find a place in the marketplace.

"Super excited about these readily available solutions in the marketplace - a way to kickstart the automation journey of our customers from day-1. At Botminds, we are aiming for 100+ partner developed solutions in the next 12 months” - Gokul Ganapathi, Co-Founder & CEO of Botminds

There are other impressive features in the latest V11 release. See them in action here.

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