Botminds Launches - The Global Marketplace

17 June 2021

After several months of zealous work,, an AI-first unified platform for IDP and IPA, is delighted to announce "The Global Marketplace" launch to enable our customers to discover solutions easily.  The Global Marketplace has a catalog of pre-built solutions from our solution engineers.

As a partner of, you can build, publish, and sell your commercial Marketplace offers in the Marketplace. You are listed together with our IDP, connecting you to businesses around the globe. Marketplace as a platform helps curate and publish fully automated point solutions based on IDP effortlessly and market them to the right audience.

The benefits of Botminds Marketplace

Our objective is to help you accelerate your business in partnership with and to connect our customers with the best point-based solutions on IDP that our partner ecosystem offers.

Furthermore, the marketplace platform also provides a clean interface for customers to breezily browse and try solutions with few clicks.

Botminds Global Marketplace houses 25+ solutions for various business-critical documents to read and understand those documents, just like you. Let's take a look at what's in store for you:

  • Well curated solutions

Our hand-picked solutions are well-curated and packed in sections for specific verticals solving specific use cases. Interested in exploring our that are the most popular in your industry? If so, the sections are for you! Our team is most excited about the Marketplace and believes it will create a significant impact.

  • Evaluation

After discovering a solution, you can evaluate it to see if it is best suited for you. Our screenshot with the try now feature constitute a significant factor in this decision as you could see the solution in action before you install it.

  • Know the pros and cons

Weighing the pros and cons of service can gain momentum in the decision-making process. Our "Pros" and "Cons" list helps you to approach your decision fairly, without letting your "gut feeling" influence your choice.

  • Bootstrapped

Now businesses can fully harness the strength of our platform services such as Claim process Automation, Patent Research Automation, Invoice extraction, Spread Process Automation and a lot more to understand and extract information and extend the capabilities of Botminds services.

It’s been a landmark year for Botminds, as we launch our Marketplace with a considerable influx of flagship services. Our bootstrapped, no-code, customizable- in- hours solution reads and understands your documents in no time. Our vision is to have a marketplace where sellers can publish a fully automated point solution based on IDP so that buyers can subscribe and start using it instantly.

Stay tuned to get more out of Botminds’ Marketplace!

We can’t wait to see what services you get through and how you’re going to make Botminds your own. Visit the Botminds Marketplace today.

About Botminds

Botminds Inc, a Chennai, India, and Seattle, USA-based enterprise document process automation company. Botminds AI platform is the world's first unified unstructured document processing platform with integrated Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Automation (IPA) components. Botminds changes the way information-intensive, large, and content-heavy, document-centric process automation is executed in enterprises. Botminds is a 30+ member team chasing the research happening in the intersection of deep learning & NLP and enabling some of the leading organizations in India and the USA.

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