Botminds Graduated From The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)Program

05 June 2020

Botminds is now the alumni of the Destruction Lab (CDL) Program. CDL is a Canada-based nonprofit organization that collaborates with startups that employ innovations in technology, promising a chance of delivering massive improvements to economic productivity and human welfare.

In other words, CDL helps accelerate the company with input from CDL mentors running a six-month, objectives-based program for immensely scalable, seed-stage, science- and tech-based companies in 15 verticals at nine sites across the globe.

Botminds partnered with great CDL mentors like active angel and venture investors, accomplished entrepreneurs, and experienced operators to assess progress and set new short-term objectives for about nine months.

The intensive sessions with the CDL Mentors take place every six weeks. The sessions helped Botminds with the opportunities to raise capital, develop financial models, fine-tune strategies for scaling and seek advice on technology roadmaps from world-renowned experts.

This month, we are gratified to announce this alongside the fortunate few who have successfully achieved this program's objective-setting process. CDL has been a fantastic experience for Botminds as it provided an unparalleled level of knowledge and insight.

A big congratulations to the Botminds team on achieving this worthy milestone!

For more details, visit the CDL website.

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