Botminds Repurposes its Platform enabling scientists to understand Covid-19 better.

16 June 2020

With the global pandemic still looming large, large volume of coronavirus research articles swept websites and journals this year. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted science in 2020, and we at Botminds are here to redefine the research process to accelerate the entire clinical trial.

At Botminds, we gratify in what we do, and it shows in the solutions we offer.

We decided to repurpose our platform to enable scientists to understand COVID-19 better. We spent countless hours & resources to get this done. We are happy to announce the launch of COVID-19 -Browser- One-stop-solution for reading & understanding all the research articles related to COVID augmented by Botminds AI platform. All you have to do is enter your credentials and get into our Botminds portal. On successful login, you can browse through thousands of research articles listed and look for information from a single article or across multiple articles in the COVID-19 dataset.

You could also easily navigate through different articles by entering the search term you are seeking. Our Botminds COVID-19 -Browser will return relevant paragraphs across all the articles containing your search term. In addition to this, our Botminds AI helps Healthcare and Pharma professionals to identify for similar search results, extract information from multiple, diverse data sets, navigate the extraction, and a lot more.

Using COVID Browser, you can:

  • Perform a semantic search across 40000+ world’s research outputs
  • Get into the exact document location breezily within no time
  • Get a structured summary of research papers by training custom AI models
  • Simplify data analysis and integration with downstream tools

Botminds COVID-19 Browser helps mitigate the cost, time, and hassles of clinical trials for the researchers and makes the clinical documents accessible for all to read through.

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